The Four P's of an Informational Interview

Written by Ryan Stewart

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3. Probe - It’s all about putting your research into practice. The reason you research a customer, any customer, is to uncover needs. Probing acheivesrepparttar same goal on a much more personal basis. Here are a few questions you might ask your “interviewee” * What do you like most about your job? What do you like least? * What is your manager’s management style? * Do you work alone or with a partner/partners? How does that work? * Do you plan on staying a pharma rep or moving on to different roles in your company? * This list is endless. You should try to ask for suggestions from others inrepparttar 147412 message boards. 4. Promote - Like it or not, your job search is a sales call. You must, above all else, create opportunites to promote yourself. If you are uncomfortable doing this you have two choices: a.) Get comfortable doing this. b.) Go to and do a search for “cubicle jobs” because that’s where you belong. Here are a few thoughts on how you might go about promoting yourself in an informational interview . * Be yourself. Let your true personality show through. Be businesslike but casual atrepparttar 147413 same time (if you don’t know how, you should practice). * Letrepparttar 147414 person onrepparttar 147415 other side ofrepparttar 147416 table know, without saying so, that you have donerepparttar 147417 other 3 P’s beforehand. * Don’t be shy about lettingrepparttar 147418 “interviewee” know that you are seriously considering a job in pharmaceutical sales. * Don’t be pompous, but how off. Speak proudly about your accomplishments and be convincing when you talk about your skills and abilities. * Never, never, never say, “I’m a people person”. This also goes for formal interviews as well. I’ve heard more than one manager say they’ve ended an interview at least mentally if not physically when they heardrepparttar 147419 candidate say “I’m a people person”.

Inrepparttar 147420 end, continue networking , continue reading, continue studying, and utilize’s Four P’s for a successful informational interview and you will be one step closer torepparttar 147421 job you’re working hard to land. Thenrepparttar 147422 challenges, andrepparttar 147423 payoffs, really begin.

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Recruiting Excellent Job Candidates

Written by David Leonhardt

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3. Develop an In-House Referral Program. In many instances, exiting staff members can help speed uprepparttar search for quality job candidates. Employees often have contacts elsewhere withinrepparttar 147322 industry, some of which may be looking for a change of employment.

By cultivating this internal resource, a personnel director can develop a wealth of ready information about prospective employees who might well serverepparttar 147323 organization as valued employees.

4. Search Resumes Posted on Job Boards. In addition to advertising on an industry specific job board, a diligent personnel director or recruiting agency will want to takerepparttar 147324 time to search and consider resumes that have been posted on job boards.

Often, a person poundingrepparttar 147325 pavement looking for employment may not haverepparttar 147326 time to take in and review all ofrepparttar 147327 various available positions that have been posted on a every job board. This is even more true if a given prospect is a highly sought-after candidate, who might be still busy in a current position of responsibility.

5 .Use a Directory of Recruiters. Because there are so many different type of recruiters in business inrepparttar 147328 21st century it can often be difficult for in-house human resources staff to pinpointrepparttar 147329 recruiter that will be best able to meetrepparttar 147330 needs of a given employee recruitment campaign. But there are resources available, such as directories of recruiters. One such directory isThe Online Recruiters Directory.

By using a professional directory, in-house human resources staff will be able to identifyrepparttar 147331 most appropriate resources for their company and forrepparttar 147332 recruiting task at hand. Even staffing firms can benefit from such a recruiters directory to seek help in a specialized field they don't often work with.

6. Don’t Rushrepparttar 147333 Process. Finally, while it is an overused saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Inrepparttar 147334 same vein, 99 times out of 100 there is no need to rushrepparttar 147335 process of seeking, identifying and hiring a new employee, particularly an executive level employee.

A personnel director should take his or her time to identify, screen, interview and hirerepparttar 147336 best candidate. Throughout this process, a human resources manager or specialist will rely onrepparttar 147337 services and support tools identified in this article.

By using these tips, inrepparttar 147338 long runrepparttar 147339 best possible candidate for a given position will end up being hired, andrepparttar 147340 company will benefit fromrepparttar 147341 best possible employees.

David Leonhardt is a freelance writer and professional SEO consultant in Canada. He wrote this article for an online directory of recruiting firms and recruiting agency services. Read more on staffing firms and executive search firms.

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