The Four Laws Of Leadership (Part One)

Written by Brent Filson

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Law 2. Motivation is their choice. Many leaders are clueless about motivation because they think it's their own choice. They think because they simply want people to be motivated, people should automatically be motivated. That misunderstanding has caused many a leader to come to grief. The act of their being motivated is not your choice, it's theirs, always. Motivation can't be done to people. People must "do" motivation to themselves. Leaders communicate, andrepparttar people they lead motivate themselves.

Law 3. Emotion drives motivation. The words emotion and motivation come fromrepparttar 119408 same Latin root "to move". When you want to move people to take action, engage their emotions. Motivation involves emotionally commitment.

Law 4. Face-to-face speech is generallyrepparttar 119409 best way to motivate people (i.e., have those people choose to be motivated.)

With these concepts in mind, you can begin to get a clear understanding of motivation by studyingrepparttar 119410 past.

This exercise will sharpen your ideas on motivation. Who wererepparttar 119411 three most effective leaders in history? Why were they effective? Who wererepparttar 119412 three least effective? Why were they ineffective? Who arerepparttar 119413 most effective leaders in your industry? Why are they effective? Who arerepparttar 119414 least effective leaders in your industry? Why are they ineffective? Who arerepparttar 119415 most effective leaders in your organization? Why are they ineffective?

Now go back over each answer and tie it to motivation or lack there of. What motivational lesson is there in each answer? In doing so, you may find yourself changing and sharpening your ideas about motivation; and hence changing and sharpening your leadership skills.

In Part Two, I will expand on each law.

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Procrastination and JDI!

Written by Martin Haworth

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  • Third and finally, considerrepparttar effects of putting off decisions. How much harm does it do torepparttar 119407 organisation, your nearby people and above all you, as decisions lie there atrepparttar 119408 back of your mind, unmade? The result is most often notrepparttar 119409 negative outcome that your worst fears suggest, butrepparttar 119410 subliminal worry that NOT having maderepparttar 119411 decision, i.e. it is still to be worried over, is often much, much worse when added up thanrepparttar 119412 decision itself! So, in most cases, a good chunk of information, weigh uprepparttar 119413 potential downsides and then, JDI. Just Do It - works a treat!

    As a final example, I once, in my early management days, worked with a middle manager who became a real challenge, with his behaviour and attitudes - even I was intimidated by him! It took me 18 months of fear of confrontation and worry to tackle him about it -repparttar 119414 evidence was never really that strong - I told myself...

    The interview took an hour, during which time he completely apologised for his behaviour.

    He had not realised thatrepparttar 119415 way he was experienced by others was so damaging. Once pointed out, he accessed feedback regularly on those days when he was 'off on one', and he encouraged his supporters to bring him down to earth quickly. I took 18 months worrying about that conversation.

    Looking back, I learnt that it is far better to get these things aired early on, for everyone. And never once has this backfired on me since.

    2005 Martin Haworth is a Business and Management Coach. He works worldwide, mainly by phone, with small business owners, managers and corporate leaders. He has hundreds of hints, tips and ideas at his website, (Note to editors. Feel free to use this article, wherever you think it might be of value - with a live link if you can).

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