The Formulas Freelance Copywriters Employ When Creating Web Content

Written by Angelique van Engelen

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The hyperlinks of any website can be roughly divided in four categories with no real distinctions but which you need to employ using a rule of thumb: a) Clix generating click throughs (brand awareness)* b) Clix generating repeat visits by internal referral (e.g. bookmarks, newsletter signups, brochures); c) Clix generating traffic (agreements for inbound links, online marketing for third parties); d) Clix generating sales

*Do not confuse our use ofrepparttar term “click throughs” with click throughs as inrepparttar 108002 pay per click concept. Pay per click is all about inbound traffic into a site. Here, I am discussingrepparttar 108003 internal navigational path.

Once I haverepparttar 108004 idea of a website’s structure along these lines, I start floating intorepparttar 108005 writing stage and as I go along, I tend to keep a continuous check thatrepparttar 108006 profile ofrepparttar 108007 content and links actually match up withrepparttar 108008 vital points.

Each website is unique of course and to categoriserepparttar 108009 links into four categories very rigidly does not make sense. For instance, a link to an article that has also been published elsewhere onrepparttar 108010 web creates both inbound traffic and repeat visit value and possibly also a click through.

It makes sense to assess each link and construct content around it on using common sense. In this process, I tend to take into account a number of factors, includingrepparttar 108011 navigational path, design possibilities and optimal content size.

Although most sites differ,repparttar 108012 links making uprepparttar 108013 navigational path are generally quite similar in their relation torepparttar 108014 vital points; click throughs are generally way less closely related to a site’s vital points than for instance sales clicks. Or at least when you build up your sales idea right,repparttar 108015 ultimate click will be entirely logically connected with your business concept. As forrepparttar 108016 middle two categories, they generally are somewhere inrepparttar 108017 middle in relation to vital points too.

There is not a lot else to writing good website content, apart from gloating overrepparttar 108018 results with your clients a few months later!

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Writing To Overpower Your Competition

Written by Karon Thackston

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Some are live workshops, others are e-courses, some focus strictly on one type of copywriting leaving all others byrepparttar wayside, some are correspondence courses while others are downloadable. But because they all appear in response torepparttar 108001 query "copywriting course," they all haverepparttar 108002 potential to take sales away. Even if your site falls intorepparttar 108003 coveted #1 position,repparttar 108004 others onrepparttar 108005 page could potentially grab some of your sales.

So how do you get surfers to click on your site's listing? Your title and description have to be first rate.

If your copywriting course has a specialty (sales letters, search engines, catalogs, etc.) say so. Chooserepparttar 108006 most powerful benefit and a way to set yourself apart (your USP) and use those inrepparttar 108007 tags for your search results along with your keyphrases. Simply having keywords in your title and description might get you ranked withrepparttar 108008 engine but it sure won't entice anybody to click to your site.

Other Options

There are options and substitutes for practically everything inrepparttar 108009 world. If people don't want to pay for a computer and Internet access so they can send email, they can write letters or call their friends and family. If customers deciderepparttar 108010 cost of groceries is out of control, they can plant a garden and eat a vegetarian diet. There are even alternatives to cars: taking a cab (as most do in New York), bicycling (very popular in London) or walking (great exercise). All of these alternatives can be competition for you.

To overcomerepparttar 108011 pull of other options, when you write copy be sure emphasize why those other options really aren't viable. The sheer act of writing letters takes time in and of itself. Then you have to mailrepparttar 108012 letter and wait. Ifrepparttar 108013 person wants to respond, they have to get motivated enough to sit down and write a reply and mail it. Then you wait again. The phone? Yes, people could userepparttar 108014 phone to talk like they always have, but what about when you want to showrepparttar 108015 person you're talking with something? A picture of your new grandchild or your new car can't be shown overrepparttar 108016 phone. You getrepparttar 108017 idea.

Droprepparttar 108018 egotistical viewpoint that you have no competition and take a good, hard look around. Once you've realized that there is always an alternative to buying what you offer, you'll be in a better mindset to write copy that outlines why yours isrepparttar 108019 only optionrepparttar 108020 prospect should consider.

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