The Forgotten Advertising Tip

Written by Kara Kelso

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Seerepparttar difference? Rather than one person seeing your site several times in one day or week and it still beingrepparttar 139637 bad time, if you space your ads out you have a better chance of catching them when it IS a better time.......or at least taking a closer look at your site and getting them subscribed to your newsletter or other free offers you have on your website.

Another reason it's good to spread your advertising dollars as far as they will go is for contant exposure. If you are seen constantly in several places at all times,repparttar 139638 easier you are going to be remembered. Not to mention like we said before, always be seen by someone who IS ready to buy.

Now of course, when you do choose to advertise on several sites atrepparttar 139639 same time, there isrepparttar 139640 chance you will reach more of your target audience. Plus if you haverepparttar 139641 funds to constantly advertise on several sites at once, go for it! Just remember to keeprepparttar 139642 ads going, so you have a constant flow of visitors.

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Reciprocal linking

Written by Kevin Davies

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One ofrepparttar nifty things about Google is that if you search on a url it'll give you an option of finding pages that link to that url. So continuingrepparttar 139615 examplerepparttar 139616 aboverepparttar 139617 next thing I do is click on "Find web pages that link to"

Now I have a list of urls that have links to a site about killer whales. I can email these sites and ask if they'd like to link to my site.

But it doesn't stop there. When I find a web page I can also use Google to find similar pages. These similar pages are likely to also be suitable candidates for reciprocal linking.

Finally I repeatrepparttar 139618 process above for other websites I found when I searched for "killer whales."

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