The Forbidden Fruit: Marketing Credit Cards Online

Written by Joe Lloyd

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"The Secret To Success In This Market Is... "

The secret is that a marketer needs to be crafty to succeed in this market. You can't just blindly throw up a PPC campaign, outbid whoever is inrepparttar #1 position, and hope to profit. It's just not that simple – this is a mature market. Instead,repparttar 150652 best strategy is to uncover ways of sending prospects torepparttar 150653 offers that are often overlooked. The fact is, there are unlimited amounts of ways to send leads to highly profitable offers, without paying upwards of $10 per click to do so.

Let me just give you one idea to get your mind working. If you sell anything online, then you have probably hadrepparttar 150654 experience of a customer asking if they can pay by check or money order. Even if you have not had a customer ask this, it's likely that some customers are leaving your site ifrepparttar 150655 only option is to pay by credit card. What better time than that, to put a link saying “Need a credit card?”

Those who don't will just ignore it. And those who do could not have been your customer anyway, since you only accept credit cards. In that case, you provide them with something that they need and also give themrepparttar 150656 opportunity to buy your product withrepparttar 150657 very credit card you referred them to (and pocketed a $40 commission for doing so).

You'd be surprised at how effective this method is, and it costs you nothing. You turn a lost customer into a paying customer, and get paid $40 for doing so. What could be better?

There Are Dozens of Simple And Low Cost Ways To Market Highly-Competitive Products

If you use your head, you can uncover dozens of simple tactics like this to promote highly profitable markets and products at minimal cost. These techniques don't just work for marketing credit cards – they work for any high-demand, high-margin, commodity product. So get cracking, and stop shying away fromrepparttar 150658 competition. Thrive on it!

Joe Lloyd, The Money Marketer™, is the founder of Zen Marketing LLC and the online marketing group, Profit Guild™, located at His company has recently created a unique and simple system - known as Credit Profits™ - that allows online entrepreneurs to earn commissions marketing credit cards online. More information at

5 Ways to Promote Affiliate Programs

Written by Jason Gazaway

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#3 Network, Network, Network

Never miss an opportunity to network with others who may have an interest in your products, or even be interested in joiningrepparttar affiliate program under you.

* Share your own success story with others you encounter. Many will be interested in joining you in your endeavor.

* Offer to mentor new prospects to ensure their success.

* Exchange business cards and make follow-up calls to encourage them to talk with you further about your programs.

#4 Use Blogs to Promote Your Programs.

Inrepparttar 150526 past year, blogs have become extremely popular. You can use this forum to your advantage in promoting your affiliate marketing programs.

* Generate top-quality content to place onrepparttar 150527 blogs.

* Be sure thatrepparttar 150528 blogs you choose are not over saturated by affiliate marketers already. Locate fresh blogs to use in your promotions.

* Content should compelrepparttar 150529 reader to action. Make them HAVE to check out your program.

#5 Use banner exchanges to your advantage.

Most marketers know that banner exchanges can help them promote their products, but there are a few tricks to success.

* Make sure your banner is placed on sites that will attractrepparttar 150530 same client base that will desire you product.

* Create attractive and compelling banner content. Plain-Jane banner ads won't attract, those that send acompelling message to act will!

* Always look for new places for your banner to appear. Don't become complacent because you have three or four sites showing your banner. There are new websites every single day!

These five tips will help you successfully promote your affiliate programs. There are many other ways to promote products, but these are proven to work for people who dedicate themselves to ensuring their programs getrepparttar 150531 necessary exposure to succeed.

Jason Gazaway is a 22 year old full-time affiliate marketer. Learn how Jason was able to quit his "day" job and how you too can accelerate your own affiliate marketing business.

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