The Folly of Freebies

Written by Lisa Maliga

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Granted, you can’t smell a bar of rose scented soap online. You can see a photo of it, a description might accompanyrepparttar picture, but it’s not something you can touch or smell. However, many business people do offer sample sizes for a very small fee. Or they include a sample with every paid order.

The Internet is awash with plenty of sites to keep freebie hunters occupied. I preferrepparttar 113234 free sample trolls to hang out there and not take away a small business owner’s time and attempt to devaluerepparttar 113235 product by a careless “gimme” attitude. It’s a wise idea forrepparttar 113236 potential free sample junkie to see if free samples are offered, and if not, then move on.

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Written by Gino Harteel

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