The Flu and List building Go Hand In Hand!

Written by by Melvin Perry

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5. Allow people to use your online discussion board for their own web site. Some people don't have one. Just include your banner ad atrepparttar top ofrepparttar 134246 board.

6. Allow people to provide your free online service to their web site, visitors, or e-zine subscribers. They could be free e-mail, e-mail consulting, search engine submissions, etc. This is how hotmail grew 12 million subscribers in 1.5 years.

7. Allow people to give away your free software. Just include your business advertisement insiderepparttar 134247 software program.

8. Allow people to give away your free web design graphics, fonts, templates, etc. Just include your ad on them or require people to link directly to your web site.

9. Allow people to place an advertisement in your free ebook if, in exchange, they give awayrepparttar 134248 ebook to their web visitors or e-zine subscribers.

10. Allow people to give away your free ebook to their visitors. Then, their visitors will also give it away. This will just continue to spread your ad all overrepparttar 134249 internet.

If you combine some of these viral marketing tactics with your list building efforts, you will explode your list in no time.

Maybe you could becomerepparttar 134250 next hotmail?!

Well even if you donít, you will still build a monsterous sized list quickly.

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Successful Marketing w/ Automated Lead Generation

Written by Ratliff J

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Direct and torepparttar point Good content and flow Grammatically-correct These important elements of a Killer Sales letter are what makes a sales letter very effective.

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J. Ratliff is an avid affiliate marketing expert.

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