The Five Worst Date Places

Written by Jason OConnor

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Other places to avoid are eateries where youíre expected to use your hands to feed yourself. A first date doesnít want to watch you maul your barbeque ribs and chicken legs like The Missing Link. No one likesrepparttar thought of being touched later on by greasy fingers. And have you ever eaten corn onrepparttar 132290 cob and come away with clean teeth?

A Family Function I donít know about your family, but a few of my great-aunts have hairy faces. I mean really hairy, with partial beards and hairy moles. One of my uncles thinks heís still living in 1880 and uses every racist expression ever known. So it goes without saying that I never brought dates to family functions. And you shouldnít either. Weddings, reunions, baptisms, bat mitzvahs, and especially funerals, are out.

Thereís no such thing as a family that isnít dysfunctional. It doesnít exist. If you bring a first or second date to a family function be prepared for somebody to embarrass you. Grandma will ask you two when youíre getting married and when to expect great grandchildren. And your little cousin Eunice will promptly tell your date all aboutrepparttar 132291 time you farted in church.

Your Parentís House for Dinner I canít think of a more uncomfortable setting than sitting at a dinner table with complete strangers in their own house. Donít put a date through this torture. You may haverepparttar 132292 hippest parents inrepparttar 132293 world. They may intelligent, hospitable and interesting. But donít subject anyone you just recently met to your parents for an entire dinner.

Oftenrepparttar 132294 parent of your same sex looks like youíre going to look in twenty five years. Youíll find your date sizing up your parent asking themselves whether theyíll be ok with your pot belly and hairy ears a couple of decades from now.

Bringing your date to your parentís house is just asking for trouble. Your mom may temporarily forget that youíre trying to make an impression and start talking to you like youíre thirteen years old again, ďBefore you leave tonight my little muffin, can you take your hemorrhoid ointment out of our medicine cabinet, daddy keeps using it for lip cream by mistake.Ē

Dates can be traumatic and nerve-racking inrepparttar 132295 best of places so donít make it harder on either of you than you have to. There are some great places to take a date that will make you look like a hero, wonít cost you too much, will give you just enough time to talk to each other, but will also provide an entertaining distraction.

Iím talking about museums, jazz shows, rock concerts, musicals, art shows, plays and live comedy. These are all cool places to bring a first or second date. They allow you to talk and be entertained atrepparttar 132296 same time. These types of places makerepparttar 132297 date memorable, distinct and out ofrepparttar 132298 ordinary. It shows you put more than just a little thought inrepparttar 132299 idea. And if youíre trying to get someone to go out with you forrepparttar 132300 first time, find out what kind of bands, shows, comedians or plays they like, buy a couple of tickets, and casually invite them along with an explanation like your buddy just cancelled on you and you have a free ticket that you donít want to waste.

******************* See Jasonís site to get great date ideas and buy tickets to Concerts, Theater, Shows, Events and Sports.


******************* See Jasonís site to get great date ideas and buy tickets to Concerts, Theater, Shows, Events and Sports.


Feng Shui Your Love Pad

Written by Advice Diva

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corner of your home you will activate this good chi. Finally you need to energize this earth element with other objects inrepparttar love corner. These objects can be crystal (Rose Quartz is suggested), large and round decorative pots and jars, peacock feathers, silk or real flowers, a globe, a symbol ofrepparttar 132288 sun, a Chinese love knot made of red rope which symbolizes undying love, love birds in a pair but never single or ducks in a pair but never single, rose oil and two pink or red candles burning which is known asrepparttar 132289 ďtantric twinsĒ. All of these objects have ties withrepparttar 132290 earth element but you do not have to use all of them. It is also said that wood is a harmful element torepparttar 132291 earth element so no wood should be here. No dried flowers as well because it could signifyrepparttar 132292 death of a romantic relationship. And just in case you are planning to buy a new house or rent a new apartment, there should be no kitchen or bathroom inrepparttar 132293 southwest corner ofrepparttar 132294 house. If there is a bathroom, use plants to drown outrepparttar 132295 sha chi but a kitchen is a bigger problem since a kitchen in this area symbolizes infidelity on either side. The bedroom can also be worked on. It should be well lit instead or dark and dreary. There should be no plants inrepparttar 132296 bedroom because plants will bring excess yang (male) energies torepparttar 132297 bedroom which could increase his libido and cause a wandering and lustful eye towards younger women. There should be no TVís and no mirror byrepparttar 132298 bed as they cause an intrusion within a relationship. Hang a rose quartz crystal overrepparttar 132299 southwest corner of your bed. When looking for love, feng shui-ists say a man should decorate with more yin (femininity) in mind while a female should decorate with more yang. This causes a healthy balance and will attractrepparttar 132300 opposite sex.

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