The Five Ways You Should Be Using Keywords

Written by George Peirson

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Considerrepparttar description tag just like it is named, a concise description of your site. Keep it to a short paragraph, under 50 words.

Alt tags are text descriptions that are included withrepparttar 150013 code used to display images on a page. Basically an Alt tag isrepparttar 150014 Alternate Text version ofrepparttar 150015 image in caserepparttar 150016 image is not displayed. Alt tags are important for creating a fully accessible site for people who use screen reader technology that readsrepparttar 150017 page out loud through their computer speakers. Obviously an image cannot be read aloud, butrepparttar 150018 Alt tag can.

Alt tags are also displayed as a quick popup when you “hover” your mouse pointer over an image. Many search engines, including Google, will indexrepparttar 150019 Alt tags along withrepparttar 150020 rest ofrepparttar 150021 body copy, making these ideal places to slip in a few more keywords. Just keep in mind thatrepparttar 150022 text should accurately reflectrepparttar 150023 content ofrepparttar 150024 image. Plus don’t use Alt tags on images that would not normally be read out loud, such as separator lines or bullets.

This brings us torepparttar 150025 main place to use your keywords,repparttar 150026 body copy onrepparttar 150027 page,repparttar 150028 text that your visitors are reading when they visit your site. The major search engines will no longer give you a top placement just for havingrepparttar 150029 most instances of a particular keyword on your page. They will give top listing to what they believe isrepparttar 150030 most relevant page on a topic.

Your job is to work your keyword intorepparttar 150031 text frequently, but appropriately. Select one or two keywords and makerepparttar 150032 page specifically about those keywords. Think of yourself giving a PowerPoint presentation to an audience of your best customers. Your PowerPoint slides will be your paragraphs. They should be concise and torepparttar 150033 point, using your keywords to drive home your point. And, just like in a PowerPoint presentation, you can use bulleted lists to call outrepparttar 150034 several benefits of your site or product, each time relating it to your selected keyword.

So use your keywords appropriately on your site and use them where you can. This will greatly increase your search engine effectiveness.

Article copyright 2005 George Peirson

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SEO One-way Web Links: 5 Strategies

Written by Joel Walsh

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* As with traditional reciprocal links, a very big drawback is thatrepparttar links are mostly on "Resources" pages that are just lists of links. There's only a small chance of getting significant traffic from these links. Plus, any "Resource" page may well eventually become an easy target for link dampening, if that hasn't happened already.

3. Submitting to Directories

They arerepparttar 149904 legendary fairy lands of SEO: PageRank-passing, no-fee-charging, and actually well-run directories of relevant links. Yes, they really do exist. An SEO acquaintance tells me he knows 200 good ones just offrepparttar 149905 top of his head. Plus, there are other kinds of directories: directories of affiliate programs, of websites using a certain content management system, of websites whose owners are members of this or that group, of websites accepting PayPal, etc. etc.

Ah, a link in a PageRank-passing link directory: it's a good deal if you can get it. But let's say you do get links from all 200 such directories and a hundred more fromrepparttar 149906 little niche directories--now what?

4. Paying for Inbound Links

Buying and selling text links on high-PageRank web pages has become big business. Buying good traffic-generating "clean" links is a great alternative to pay-per-click advertising, which confers no SEO benefit. But, there are a number of pitfalls of relying primarily on paid links for SEO:

* The cost ofrepparttar 149907 hundreds of links required for substantial search engine traffic can become prohibitive.

* As soon as you stop paying, you lose your link--you are essentially renting rather than owning, with no "link equity" building up.

* Google is actively trying to dampenrepparttar 149908 impact of paid links on rankings, as revealed in various patent filings. A website can try to maskrepparttar 149909 fact thatrepparttar 149910 links are paid, but how well it does that is out of your control.

* Given Google's mission to dampen paid links' effectiveness, paid link buyers have an interest in verifying that a potential paid link partner is "passing PageRank." But identifying appropriate PageRank-passing paid link partners is quite a task in itself.

* Google also has a stated mission of dampeningrepparttar 149911 value of any "artificial" links. Having most of your links on PageRank 3 or higher web pages would seem to be a dead give-away that your links are "artificial," sincerepparttar 149912 vast majority of web pages (note: not necessarily websites, but their pages) are PageRank 1 or lower. Meanwhile, buying PageRank 0 or 1 links would have so little impact on a site's PageRank that it would not be worthrepparttar 149913 expense.

5. Distributing Content

All ofrepparttar 149914 above four inbound-link-generating methods really do work. But it isrepparttar 149915 fifth method of getting one-way inbound links that isrepparttar 149916 most promising: distributing content

The idea is simple: you give other websites content to put on their sites in exchange for a link to your site, usually in an "author's resource box," an "aboutrepparttar 149917 author" paragraph atrepparttar 149918 end ofrepparttar 149919 article.

The beauty of distributing content for links is thatrepparttar 149920 links generally generate more traffic than links on a "resources" page. Plus, your article will pre-sell readers onrepparttar 149921 value of your site.

The downside, of course, is that it's no small amount of work to create original content and then distribute it to hundreds of website owners. But nothing good ever came easy. And onrepparttar 149922 internet, one-way inbound links are a very good thing.

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