The Five Most Deplorable Wastes of Human Life

Written by Terry Mitchell

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I can understand any country wanting to show its displeasure with certain types of crimes, even though they may not involve violence. I can also appreciaterepparttar fact that even some types of non-violent crimes are particularly heinous and that there are requirements for strong deterrents to them. However, committing any act of violence (execution, torture, etc.) against a non-violent offender is completely unethical and immoral and never justified. Non-violent offenders, unlike many of their violent counterparts, can usually be rehabilitated. If justice, not rehabilitation, isrepparttar 132160 goal, then they can be sufficiently punished with prison time. (4) HIV/AIDS. Deaths from this disease are so regrettable because they are so preventable. The extremely sad part is that there are innocent victims like children and those receiving blood transfusions, who contract this pernicious disease through no fault of their own. While those who get it as a result of their own risky behavior deserve our sympathy, they are not innocent victims, despite whatrepparttar 132161 liberal media might have us think. No one has to get HIV/AIDS. The spread ofrepparttar 132162 disease could be completely halted if people would only start makingrepparttar 132163 correct decisions, i.e., to not do illegal drugs and to postpone sexual activity until marriage. Yes, for those who cannot control their own desires, "safe sex" should be emphasized. However, it is never as foolproof as abstinence. Now, granted, in some third world countries, many people lackrepparttar 132164 education required to make these decisions. We should be willing to spendrepparttar 132165 necessary money to make sure they get that education, if it will help abolishrepparttar 132166 scourge of this disease from our world. However, I can't help believing that most people know better, but just don't care. The fleeting pleasure of immoral sexual activity and illicit drugs is more important to them than their own health andrepparttar 132167 health ofrepparttar 132168 world community. (5) Drunk/irresponsible driving. Everyone makes mistakes while driving (or doing anything else). People will occasionally become distracted, momentarily look away fromrepparttar 132169 road, fail to properly monitor their mirrors, etc. Sometimes those mistakes have deadly consequences. However, I don't consider deaths fromrepparttar 132170 occasional and inevitable mistake to be amongrepparttar 132171 most shameful wastes of human life. What I'm talking about here is intentional and/or habitual behavior that leadsrepparttar 132172 loss of life. People continue to get behindrepparttar 132173 wheel after drinking too much, despite being warned over and over again aboutrepparttar 132174 dangers. Others just have to drive at least ten miles per hour overrepparttar 132175 posted speed limit, no matter what. They don't seem to understandrepparttar 132176 fact that how they arrive at their destination is more important than when they get there. Still others feelrepparttar 132177 need to constantly drive aggressively and take unnecessary risks. People who practice those kinds of behavior are accidents waiting to happen. Deaths resulting from those accidents are so lamentable because they could all be avoided with a little patience and common sense.

Terry Mitchell is a software engineer, freelance writer, and trivia buff from Hopewell, VA. He also serves as a political columnist for American Daily and operates his own website - - on which he posts commentaries on various subjects such as politics, technology, religion, health and well-being, personal finance, and sports. His commentaries offer a unique point of view that is not often found in mainstream media.

SuperGirl is no more

Written by Gary Whittaker

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Voted to removerepparttar feeding tube

J.D. Alexander (R) Nancy Argenziano (R) Dave Aronberg Mike Bennet (R) Larsenia Bullard Skip Campbell Lisa Carlton (R) Paula Dockery (R) Steven Geller Tony Hill Dennis Jones (R) Jim King (R) Ron Klein Evelyn Lynn (R) Gwen Margolis Les Miller Nan Rich Burt Saunders (R) Gary Siplin Rod Smith Frederica Wilson

We must never forget that these Senators have chosenrepparttar 132156 path of least resistance, despite itís cruel nature. They have sanctioned a crime against human rights. When she passes, she will have earned her spot right next to Christopher Reeve as someone taken from us too soon. While she may not have been able to verbally communicate her wishes, she has stayed alive for over 15 years in her conditions, fought off serious infections, do not recisitate orders and sub-par medical care. While she may not have been an activist, she has proven that she is a survivor, and worthy to be our super girl.

Gary Whittaker is the editor of, a social commentary webzine with balls!

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