The Five Cís To Building A Career You Will Love

Written by Dave Lindbeck

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1. Culture - In what kind of company do I want to work? - Large or small? Public or privately owned? Nurturing environment or "sweat shop? Fun or serious? 2. Command - For what type of boss/supervisor would I like to work? - Warm and friendly or distant? Micro-manager or hands off? Dictator or leader?

3. Comrades - With whom do I want to work? - Team players or mavericks? Highly social or indifferent? Helpful and supportive? Shared work ethic?

4. Compensation - What would I like my financial package and other "benefits" to be? - How much money do I want to make? Do I want professional growth and development? Would I like to work on a commission basis? How important is recognition to me? 5. Contribution - What would I like to give in my work? - Do I need to make a difference inrepparttar world? Do I need to express myself creatively? Do I need to take on a lot of responsibility? Do I want to lead or manage people? The 5 C's raise your awareness and ultimately improve your job satisfaction, because you're more likely to be doing and experiencing what you love, than taking what you can get. Although you can't control all these aspects of your career norrepparttar 141992 people in it, being clear will help you ask better questions and do better research as you evaluate your career. The key is in gettingrepparttar 141993 most you can, and also agreeing with yourself that what you are able to get is what you truly want.

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Ten Hottest Careers

Written by Alexandria Haber

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Computer savvy?

Considering that five ofrepparttar ten hottest careers are computer related, if you have a knack for logging on and are interested in increasing and expanding your computer skills, a career in computers may very well berepparttar 141963 right choice for you.

Take some time to analyzerepparttar 141964 ten hottest careers profiled on this page and consider all ofrepparttar 141965 choices carefully. Knowing that there is a high and growing demand for qualified people in each of these occupations may help you decide to pursue one of these jobs.

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