The Finer Points of Poverty

Written by Timothy Ward

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- I get to shop at stores with improperly spelled titles like Sav-A-Lot, Thrif-Ti-Mart, and DisKount King. These stores offer a wide variety of out-dated, slightly damaged merchandise that Wal-Mart shoppers can only dream of.

- I get to drool at resturant commercials on TV because I know I will never be able to afford meals like that again unless a rich relative dies

- I get to wear my friend's hand-me-down clothes and shoes. This means that I rarely match and my feet ache constantly from wearing shoes that are three sizes too small.

- I get to freely engage inrepparttar offical sports ofrepparttar 134936 National Poor People's Association: begging and borrowing.

- I get to go to bed every night withrepparttar 134937 comforting thought that if I ever do meet Ms.Right I can't afford to date her.

I'll stop there because I seerepparttar 134938 envy rising to dangerous levels in a few reader's eyes. These readers probably have steady jobs and nice homes or apartments. Their bills are probably caught up. They probably have an immense wardrobe with properly sized shoes. Their bank account probably never drops below $5,000. I apologize to these readers if my boasting about my impoverished condition has made them feel inferior and totally removed any self-esteem they may have had left. All I can say is that I never meant to be poor. I was just inrepparttar 134939 right places atrepparttar 134940 right times. Maybe one day all of you will find yourselves onrepparttar 134941 Road to Rags as well. Until then you can check in with me if you want to know what it's like. I'll berepparttar 134942 guy onrepparttar 134943 side ofrepparttar 134944 interstate off-ramp withrepparttar 134945 'Will Work For Food' sign. Pull your Mercedes right up and ask me anything. I promise I won't laugh.

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Written by Dave Bealer

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