The Exhausted Dream

Written by Glenn Brigaldino

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Encouraging Women encourages women from all walks of life.
Dr Caroline Taylor comes to Nhill

Written by Lisa Mostyn

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Leaving school at 15 to work in menial jobs, Dr Taylor finally left home in her early twenties having been sexually abused by her father fromrepparttar age of 6 until her early twenties. Enduringrepparttar 132322 trauma of two trials after her father was released on a technicality, Dr Taylor is only too familiar withrepparttar 132323 treatment handed out to victims/survivors of child sexual abuse.

"The deeply entrenched and historical suspicion and bias directed at victim/survivors of child sexual abuse was directed at me with all its fury. My lack of formal education as a child; my preference to turn inwards in response torepparttar 132324 trauma, my deep love of animals and my lack of social skills and social life were used to portray me in a cruel way.

The price for speaking out also included complete rejection by my family and other relatives. I experienced homelessness andrepparttar 132325 many levels of distress and fear that accompany this abuse. But I was determined to survive and rebuild. I am proud of what I have achieved andrepparttar 132326 processes I developed, nurtured and put in place to achieve this." (extract from Dr Caroline Taylor's Speech, Heather Osland Fundraiser April 20, 2004)

Encouraging Women encourages all women to come and hear Dr Taylor speak and to meet this extraordinary woman to find out first handrepparttar 132327 processes she developed, nurtured and put in place to allow her to survive and rebuild her life. Bookings forrepparttar 132328 night are encouraged but not essential. For bookings please contact Joan Bennett 5391 1206.

Where: Nhill Bowling Club, Railway Street, Nhill Date: Wednesday November 3rd 2004 Time: 7.15 Cost: $5.00

Media Interviews Contact: Karen Werner Community Health Nurse A/H 5389 9210 B/H 5389 1301 Mob 0407 526 780

Bookings and General Enquiries Contact: Cr Joan Bennett Hindmarsh Shire 5391 1206

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