The Evolution of Google AdSense

Written by S. Housley

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The Progression of Google Google has come a long way in understandingrepparttar needs of publishers and webmasters. Google now offers a system that allows full ad customization. Webmasters can choose from twelve text ad formats and can customize Google advertisements to complement their website and fit into existing webpage layout. The options provided allow webmasters to select and create custom color palettes that match an existing website's color scheme, makingrepparttar 137518 ads a much more natural fit.

Many sites have been able to integrate ads into their site design using different ad formats.

Sample sites with integrated ads:

Investing Partners - Podcasting Tools - . RSS Network -

Online Reports Google recently took a huge step forward, providing publishersrepparttar 137519 ability to track their earnings based on webmaster-defined channels. Recent improvements torepparttar 137520 Google AdSense reporting have resulted in webmasters havingrepparttar 137521 capability to monitor an ad's performance with customizable online reports that can detail page impressions, clicks and click-through rates. Webmasters now haverepparttar 137522 ability to track specific ad formats, colors and pages within a website. Webmasters can quickly spot and track trends. The new flexible reporting tools allows webmasters to group web pages by URL, domain, ad type or category, providing webmasters insight into what pages, ads and domains are performingrepparttar 137523 best.

Reporting is real-time, allowing webmasters to quickly assessrepparttar 137524 effectiveness of any changes. The new reporting makes it significantly easier for webmasters to optimize and increase click-through rates. Optional reporting allows webmasters to monitor traffic, viewing both ad impressions and page impressions.

Advertisers realizerepparttar 137525 benefits associated with having their ads served on targeted websites, increasingrepparttar 137526 likelihood that a prospective web surfer will have an interest in their product or service.

Truth Still Not Revealed Google still does not reveal what percentage ofrepparttar 137527 advertising revenue earned is paid torepparttar 137528 webmaster servingrepparttar 137529 ads, but they have made strides related to disclosure, recently liftingrepparttar 137530 ban preventing webmasters from disclosingrepparttar 137531 amount they earn through serving Google ads.

About the Author: Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for NotePage a wireless text messaging software company.


Written by Rich Brunelle

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If you plan to rank high with Search Engines, you have to follow their dictate on what code (programming language) is used for your site. This is because, high ranking requires Search Engine friendly code. Thus, allrepparttar cool scripts, animations, and newest technology are a no-no becauserepparttar 136058 Search Engines aren't trying to keep up with technology to be able to readrepparttar 136059 code and index it's message.

Are you aware that unless you place a robot.txt file inrepparttar 136060 root of your web site advising repparttar 136061 Search Engines where they can index, that they have their robots invade every nook and cranny of your web site collecting information? Did anyone ask you for your consent prior to their invading your data? Nobody asked me.

Now I know it may seem as though I'm anti-Search Engine, but I'm not. Onrepparttar 136062 contrary, I recognizerepparttar 136063 need for some sort of protection from Search Engine spamming by over- zealous persons trying to be number one onrepparttar 136064 list. However, I thinkrepparttar 136065 Search Engines are going about it wrong. And, I believerepparttar 136066 Search Engines should be regulated.

I believe it's time to turnrepparttar 136067 clock back a little. I believe a URL need only be listed one time. The exception to this rule would be a paid for enhanced listing that could be graphical and be a portion of, to a full page advertisement. Funny, it sounds likerepparttar 136068 "Yellow Pages" doesn't it? Then I'd make Search Engines more locale specific. That way you could be listed in a local, state, national, and/or international directory. But regardless of all else I would ensure that every web site that submitted their URL had their site listed.

There would be no "sandbox," no "penalties," and "no dictates on site construction, content, or any other variable that restricts anyone in any way." A few years back, web sites were indexed and added to directories based upon their "KEYWORDS" and "DESCRIPTION" META TAGS. That is as it should be still. And, if anyone is going to apply a rating or ranking to a web site it would most certainly not berepparttar 136069 Search Engine thatrepparttar 136070 web site is listed on. The BBB rates and ranks business, and there are all sorts of other organizations out there to rate any other sites. ..

And, then I would make it a point to educaterepparttar 136071 masses. . .

Richard Brunelle suffers from some strange "brain-fart" ailment that causes him to allow his mind wander far enough to dwell on the ridiculous, long enough to ask such stupid questions. Please direct all questions and comments to the aforementioned Forum at .

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