The Esoteric Mandate (Rothschilds too)

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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OK so let us say I have explained INTENT andrepparttar need for a decree to have major elements of The Greater Good associated with it. Yes, I know it was justrepparttar 147031 tip ofrepparttar 147032 iceberg. It took me over a decade to really get this gift or curse. I assure you it can be a curse. One ofrepparttar 147033 reasons it becomes a curse has to do withrepparttar 147034 openness to other life energies that is required inrepparttar 147035 attunement torepparttar 147036 Divine or Hand of Fate or whatever God might be. This is one reason why Crowley and others know they must face death (not just Da’ath inrepparttar 147037 Sephardic Kaballah or Tree of Life). It will alter you in ways that make you a target for other people with less good ‘intent’. They will call you a ‘witch’ even though they are not aware of what is going on. They will be threatened and say you need a ‘shrink’. In factrepparttar 147038 Salem Witch Trials (ergot poisoning that it was) are still on-going as sophisticated Inquisitions attempt to make people follow leaders who are behindrepparttar 147039 scenes. These leaders likerepparttar 147040 Rothschilds who backed Crowley’s Hermetic Order ofrepparttar 147041 Golden Dawn or Hitler’s Golden Centurion groups aroundrepparttar 147042 world have members of their De Brix clan who have been adept at esoterics for a very long time. When Cosimo De Medicis paid to haverepparttar 147043 Corpus Hermeticum translated and put his clan name onrepparttar 147044 book (De Brix) he was notrepparttar 147045 first ‘dabbler’ in these arts from this family. Melchizedek is perhapsrepparttar 147046 first of this family that history has records about, who was such an adept. The Hanes Taliesin does trace this history.

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Skip Christmas This Year. Do Give-Thanks Marketing Instead

Written by Debbie LaChusa

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In marketing, we call that room full of noisy people, “clutter.” Our goal is to avoid clutter so that we can be easily heard. Otherwise we have to yell pretty loudly in order to be heard. In marketing, this translates into spending more time, money or energy, just to getrepparttar same message out.

You want your marketing efforts to be as efficient as possible because generally that will cost you less money and time. Your goal should be to avoid clutter whenever possible.

In order to do this, you want to market where others are not, or when others are not. This might mean using different methods of getting your marketing message out than your competition is using, or putting your message out at a time when your competition is not marketing. This is not always possible, but you should take advantage of “clutter-free” times and opportunities whenever possible. And who knows, it might be justrepparttar 146990 reminder your customers need to re-visit your website or store, or pick uprepparttar 146991 phone to contact you. Are you wondering if you should send your Thanksgiving or thank you cards via postal mail or email?

I believe you should send special communications such as holiday cards or thank you notes via traditional postal mail. Email is fine for day-to-day communications and business, and many of us rely on it for quick and easy communication. However when you are sending out Thanksgiving cards (or any other holiday card or personal note) it is more than just communication. It is special and you want it to be received as such. When wasrepparttar 146992 last time you received a handwritten thank you note, or a card that was hand-signed byrepparttar 146993 owner of a company that you do business with? Probably not recently. And that isrepparttar 146994 very reason I recommend you send a handwritten thank you note, or a card with a handwritten signature.

It costsrepparttar 146995 same as mailing a form letter or an imprinted card, butrepparttar 146996 value torepparttar 146997 recipient is so much higher. It says you tookrepparttar 146998 time to hand sign, or handwrite a personal message. To your customer, it says “they really appreciate me.”

So use email for your regular communication, but use postal mail when it comes to cards and any other form of special communication that you want to stand out. The value will be worthrepparttar 146999 extra time, effort and expense.

Give thanks to your customers this year instead of followingrepparttar 147000 pack and sending holiday cards or gifts and see what happens!

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