The End Of The Road

Written by Patrick Mathieu

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"Had I known that it was going to end at this time, I would have made some different turns. I was sure that there would be time to change my course."

This is why I am constantly urging people to be mindful ofrepparttar present moment.

This is why I encourage people to acknowledge, accept and even embrace their own mortality. One of my key principles is something that I call "The Mortality Manifesto". It is a very powerful one page document and I invite you to read it for yourself.

Then I invite you to share it with your family and friends, because we are ALL traveling downrepparttar 148844 highway of life.

About Patrick Mathieu

Patrick Mathieu has an expiry date. He was born with Congenital Heart Disease. Today, a barcode tattoo on his shoulder that reads 031800, or March 18, 2000 -repparttar 148845 date of his 30th birthday. Rather than see this as a death sentence, he used this as a call to action. Through his speaking, writing and coaching, he now shares his deeply personal story with audiences everywhere and revealsrepparttar 148846 exciting insights that this life experience has given him. He helps people come to terms with death, which actually helps them experience fuller, more vital lives. Visit

Patrick Mathieu is a speaker, author and coach. In his speeches, workshops and seminars, he shares the lessons he has learned in coming to terms with his mortality. He shows others how to use those lessons so that their own lives may be filled with vitality.

Learn how to stop stammering today

Written by Stephen Hill

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It was hard for me to truly believe I would ever be able to achieve fluency as everyone had always told me that you can not overcome a stammer.

After about a year though I managed to overcomerepparttar stammer and then started to help other people to achieve fluency.

Stephen Hill runs The How To Stop Stammering Centre in Birmingham. He has a couple of websites at and


Stephen Hill runs The How To Stop Stammering Centre in Birmingham. He has a couple of websites at and

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