The Emmaus Journal ~ "What Is Wrong With Being Common?"

Written by C.L. Mareydt

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Oh so common, I wish I would have known, for verily you displeasedrepparttar pride that lingers in perceptions wise So even now to findrepparttar 132273 common thread in me I have to ask, since I cannot see.

Seemingly forgotten isrepparttar 132274 very realistic fact that when all is said and done, we all are very common. Take awayrepparttar 132275 superficialities and veneers of traditions, heritage, education, careers, finances, talents, social status, beliefs and mores. Take it all away and what is left is just a Human Being. Plain and simple. A Human Being, male, female, young, old. But all in all, just another Human Being. Friend, that's you, that's me! It leaves us, without any schism or reveling. It leaves us, without having to prove anything to each other. It leaves us. You. Me. Perhaps, we can talk? Do you think we could actually communicate? Do you think we could truthfully relate and have a conversation? I dare say, a whole lot more than before. I dare say yes, we could.

Think about this and consider such wonderful options. Is this what being common is? Have I heard it's plea? Have I finally considered it's truth in my own life? Could it be so simple? What is wrong with being common? Nothing! Simply nothing. I believe I will accept it myself. Because I almost missed it. Yes, even in my own life. Yes, it almost was ready to leave me. Oh, I'm so glad I listened one more time. I am common, and I do see what it means now. It is all inrepparttar 132276 mind's eye of perception and understanding. It is all in how I see another Human Being. It is my outlook uponrepparttar 132277 Human Being right beside me and how I perceive myself and them. Together or separate. The human bonds of commonness that intwine each soul. Each of us a common Human Being upon this Earth. No more, no less.

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Problems Of The Third World

Written by Muhammad Sumair Sarwar

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Unemployment rate is growing day by day which is causing many problems forrepparttar governments of these countries.Inspite of best efforts byrepparttar 132271 investors andrepparttar 132272 government,it is generally impossible to achieve full level of employment underrepparttar 132273 present economic and social conditions. Inflation is rising head in these countries.As a result of rising inflation,repparttar 132274 economic information required for intellegent decision making,is also muddled and lost,and investment and fundamental research all suffer,diminoshing a society's capital to renew it self. It is time that countries ofrepparttar 132275 third world must act sensibly.A high degree of planning is required to make full use of thier avaliable resources.The rulling class must realise their responsibilities and think aboutrepparttar 132276 people and country.

I am a student of Karachi university this is my first article ever.

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