The Elusive Six-Pack

Written by Dave Soucy

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Next, do not waste your money on those infomercial contraptions that promise 'great abs in just minutes a day' or 'great abs withoutrepparttar effort' or any other promise that sounds too good to be true. The only thing to believe about those infomercials is that not a single one ofrepparttar 146952 well paid actors and models in them got their perfect bodies by using those worthless devices. Most ofrepparttar 146953 products you see are poorly designed and often do not even targetrepparttar 146954 abdominal muscles, instead focusing onrepparttar 146955 hip flexor muscles. All you need for an effective abdominal workout is enough space for a mat onrepparttar 146956 floor and proper instruction. Throw in an inexpensive stability ball and you can add a whole new dimension and challenge to your workouts.

Finally,repparttar 146957 reality is that forrepparttar 146958 vast majority of us,repparttar 146959 'six pack' is already there. Unfortunately for that same vast majority, our body fat levels do not allow it to be seen. Despite whatrepparttar 146960 ads and infomercials will tell you, it is not possible to spot reducerepparttar 146961 amount of fat covering certain areas of your body, no matter how many crunches, side bends, or repetitions with some silly device you do. By themselves, exercises targeting these muscles will makerepparttar 146962 muscles themselves stronger, but do little, if anything, to shrinkrepparttar 146963 layer of body fat covering them. The key to achieving that lower level of body fat is through a program of healthy, balanced nutrition, combined with moderate aerobic exercise and basic resistance training that targets all ofrepparttar 146964 major muscle groups in your body, in addition to your ‘abs’. So,repparttar 146965 next time you catch yourself watching those late night infomercials, realize that is actually how those actors got those perfect bodies, and not by using those worthless products they are trying to get you to waste your money on.

Dave Soucy, Fitness Consultant and Certified Personal Trainer, is the owner of Perfect Fit, LLC.

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Natural Bodybuilding Jargon

Written by Kevin Doberstein CFT

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Overtrained and Strained. Pushing your body to a point that it no longer recovers fromrepparttar workouts. Signs of overtraining can be sleepless nights, an unusually cranky personality, and losing muscle size. A change of workout is usually needed but first preceded with a period of rest so thatrepparttar 146875 body can recover. Following a periodization program will help prevent this.

Periodization Program. This program cycles light with heavy training days. This will helprepparttar 146876 body recover faster and also provide an ever-changing training program to preventrepparttar 146877 body from adapting torepparttar 146878 workout and preventing growth.

Split Program. A bodybuilding training program that splits workouts up to one or two bodyparts per training session. This can be further broken down into 2 workouts per day. This is called a double split. It can be a 4,5, or 6 day a week program. This is a very advanced training program and can lead to overtraining from not enough rest between training sessions.

Superset. Working two opposing muscle groups in one set. An example would be doing a set of bicep curls and then immediately follow that with tricep pressdowns.

Forced Reps. This involves doing a set to failure and then having your training partner help you with additional reps.

The Pump. A tight warm somewhat burning sensation in a muscle that is from by being worked through manipulation. Can be from using a barbell, dumbbell, exercise machine, or some other means.

PumpOut. Generally, a set of 12 to 15 repetitions added atrepparttar 146879 end of a bodypart workout. This is done to force additional blood intorepparttar 146880 working muscle and deepenrepparttar 146881 “pump” feeling.

Melon Knockers. Lying triceps extensions. The name came fromrepparttar 146882 bar being just aboverepparttar 146883 head atrepparttar 146884 bottom ofrepparttar 146885 movement.

Gabby Haynes. Also called “all mouth”. This fellow bodybuilder can be quite irritating by disturbing other bodybuilders talking to them constantly. This person generally has no regards to other bodybuilders and will talk to them at anytime, even during a hard concentrated set. A common quote used around this bodybuilder is “where isrepparttar 146886 switch to turn it off!”.

Lifting Belt. A leather or nylon belt that is 4 to 6 inches wide. It is usually worn when doing heavy leg workouts even though I seen lifters use them when doing wrist curls. They help supportrepparttar 146887 mid torso.

Tourniquet pants. A lifter who wears a bleached out pair of gray sweat pants that have severely shunken inrepparttar 146888 laundry.

Squat Rack. An apparatus used inrepparttar 146889 gym for safety. Most are designed to accommodate all heights with adjustable pins. Leg squats, bench presses, and other lifts can be done using a Squat Rack.

Lightbulb Man. This is describing a male bodybuilder who only worksrepparttar 146890 chest and arm muscles.

Rip Up. Can also be called cutting up or lean out. Sheddingrepparttar 146891 body fat by aerobic training and diet to show muscularity.

Melon Sized. Sometimes used to describe a pair of large and defined deltoid muscles.

Striated and shredded. A term used to describe a muscle distinguished from other smooth muscle by transverse striations ofrepparttar 146892 fibers.

Peeing Nitro. A condition of urinating excess nitrogen from consuming too much protein.

Carbed Up. A process of eating slow burning carbohydrates and drinking water three hours before a workout. This will provide fuel for energy forrepparttar 146893 anaerobic training.

Quarter Barrel Sized. Sometimes used to describe a bodybuilder with unusually large leg muscles. Especially if out of proportion torepparttar 146894 rest ofrepparttar 146895 body.

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Joe Weider 1981, Bodybuilder,repparttar 146898 Weider Approach.

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