The Effect of Scent on Moods

Written by Valerie Garner

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1.Romantic scents: jasmine, patchouli, freesia, gardenia, rose, sandalwood, cinnamon. 2.Energizers: tangerine, eucalyptus, mint, lemon, bergamot, ginger. 3.Calming: lavender, frankincense & myrrh, cedar, almond, heliotrope, marjoram, hyacinth, vanilla. 4.Refreshing: eucalyptus, grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange, mint, tangerine, rosemary.

This also helps to explain why we tend to prefer different scents based on our moods. I know mine vary quite a lot, as does my taste in candle scents. I think thatís true with most of us. Perhaps itís time to try another type of scent that you wouldnít naturally gravitate to, you may find you discover a new favorite whenrepparttar "mood" hits you.

By Valerie Garner-Mother, grandmother and candlemaker / owner of Joyful Designs in Soy (Candles). She loves to write on a variety of topics with a warm, and engaging style.

7 Ways to Get Back Your Budget in Record Time

Written by Jill R. Hyland

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4. Break old Habits Take time to learnrepparttar various things that "trigger" your spending. When you are depressed, lonely, sad, anxious, excited, whatever it may be, do you spend more? Once you can identify these triggers then you can learn how to control them. As an example, if you were just laid off from your job, although money is tight, you may have an overwhelming "need" to spend money. Perhaps you notice that when you are bored, you head forrepparttar 141367 shops. Knowing what affects you will help you to discipline yourself to find other ways of comfort.

5. Utilities Set up some rules in your home such as turning lights off when leavingrepparttar 141368 room, having only a parent adjustrepparttar 141369 air or heat, leavingrepparttar 141370 doors or windows open when letting either cold or hot air intorepparttar 141371 house. Utilities are expensive and a great money saver is to monitor how they are used in your home. Another great idea isrepparttar 141372 investment of buying an energy-efficient hot water heater. If you cannot afford one, lowerrepparttar 141373 setting so you are not heating water so hot. The hotterrepparttar 141374 setting,repparttar 141375 more energy used.

6. Unsecured Creditors Make a list of all your unsecured debts along with creditor contact information and payoff amount so you can have an accurate record of how much you owe. Choose one creditor, possibly a credit card, and focus on paying off that bill. Once you have achieved that goal, choose another. Start withrepparttar 141376 debt that hasrepparttar 141377 highest interest rate since it isrepparttar 141378 one costing yourepparttar 141379 most money.

7. Coupons Okay, maybe you used to laugh as you watched people pull out their coupons at stores butrepparttar 141380 truth is that using coupons can save you hundreds of dollars every year. Coupons can be used at grocery stores, retail chains, any store whererepparttar 141381 item is sold. Some stores offer double coupon days, which is an extra bonus. On average, you could easily save from 5% to 15% on a bill for $100 simply by presenting a coupon. Coupons are not just for food items and by scouring your local newspaper you can find coupons for all sorts of merchandise.

Jill R. Hyland is an Independent Marketing Representative, National Director for Maxous, Inc., a company saving people 20% to 50% on things people purchase every single day, such as Fast Food-Dining, Medical, Movies, Prescriptions, Car Services, Vision, Legal, Dental, Golfing, Bowling, Haircuts, Travel, and much, much more - As Low as $19.99 per month for the whole family!

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