The Ecommerce Business Plan

Written by Ray Yee

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- Search engine optimization. Optimizing your website for high search engine results on google, yahoo and msn, is a powerful way of getting large volumes of traffic at low cost. However, you have to put in a lot of effort for a long period of time, as top rankings do not appear overnight. There are two factors for search engine optimization: On-page or Off-page optimization. On-page optimization involves tweakingrepparttar page title, header and meta tags to includerepparttar 138339 website keywords. It also involves scatteringrepparttar 138340 keywords throughoutrepparttar 138341 page to improverepparttar 138342 site relevancy. Off-page optimization, onrepparttar 138343 other hand, is much more important than on-page. It involves soliciting links from relevant websites. The morerepparttar 138344 websites that link to your site, andrepparttar 138345 higherrepparttar 138346 importance/relevance ofrepparttar 138347 website linking to yours,repparttar 138348 higher your website will be ranked onrepparttar 138349 search engines. Google places a very strong emphasis on this.

- Pay-per-click (PPC) Search Engines. This requires you to pay a sum of money for every visitor that clicks throughrepparttar 138350 search engine to your website. The higherrepparttar 138351 amount you pay,repparttar 138352 higher your website will be ranked onrepparttar 138353 PPC search engine. The basis for profiting with this marketing tool is by bidding less thanrepparttar 138354 amount that each visitor to your website is worth. Overture is definitelyrepparttar 138355 market leader for pay-per-click search engines.

4) Competitive Analysis. In this section, you have to analyzerepparttar 138356 strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, andrepparttar 138357 factors that will differentiate your products or services from your competitors. You have to analyze your competitors and record what makes them so successful, and alsorepparttar 138358 weaknesses you can capitalize on to get an edge inrepparttar 138359 market. For example, competitors may not be using email marketing effectively to promoterepparttar 138360 products to customers. You can capitalize on this by using newsletters more intensively, establishing your credibility as an industry expert. To differentiate an online Drop Ship business, it is more viable to provide a reliable service from your website. This usually means providing a wealth of tips, articles and information for your visitors. This will attract them to continuously return to your website forrepparttar 138361 latest tips and resources that will benefit them. Fast response to their email queries and also fast shipping are also good services you can provide.

5) The financial projection section. In this section you can projectrepparttar 138362 profit-loss statements andrepparttar 138363 cash flow statements for your business. The profit-loss statement recordsrepparttar 138364 monthly profit/loss realized overrepparttar 138365 months, whilerepparttar 138366 cash flow statement recordsrepparttar 138367 difference between revenue and expenditure overrepparttar 138368 months. The costs for an online Drop Ship business will include:

- One-time costs for software like shopping cart software, email marketing software, and also search engine optimization software.

- Recurring costs forrepparttar 138369 wholesale price ofrepparttar 138370 products, web hosting fees, a proportion of revenue paid to your third party credit card merchant to process your payments, and also internet marketing costs.

This section will be useful for you to gauge how your Drop Ship business performs according to your expectations.

In conclusion, business plans do not only apply to real-world businesses, but are equally critical to online businesses as well. They serve as blueprints ofrepparttar 138371 companies and also as strong calls to action forrepparttar 138372 aspiring internet entrepreneurs to achieve their success in ecommerce.

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Basic Rules For Effective Email Marketing

Written by Ronald Gibson

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How many times have you changedrepparttar TV channel to avoid listening to a screaming car salesperson? No one likes ascreaming salesperson...and no one likes a "screaming" email message, either. Odds are, when someone has over-ampedrepparttar 138338 volume of their message by using too many capital letters(not to mention too many exclamation points and other punctuation) - you`re going to be turned off.

Onrepparttar 138339 Internet, email messages written in all caps are considered yelling. It`s okay to write some sentences and some words in all caps, but don`t go overboard. (As you can see in this message, I`ve tried to use capital letters to help break up sections ofrepparttar 138340 content from time to time).

Remember that consumers buy from a source they trust. Emails in all caps are perceived as "shady" or uneducated, and have an appearance that damagesrepparttar 138341 credibility of an offer.

RULE #3 - WATCH YOUR Ps & Qs (Spelling and Grammar)

Would you be influenced by an email selling you something that had noticeable spelling and grammar mistakes? Sure you would...andrepparttar 138342 influence would be negative, not positive! When a consumer reads a sales message that`s filled with errors, they think to themselves, "Good grief, this person doesn`t even takerepparttar 138343 time to get his emails right. His product is probablyrepparttar 138344 same quality as his emails."

When you`re in business, your image is your reputation and your reputation isrepparttar 138345 reason people buy from you orrepparttar 138346 guy downrepparttar 138347 block. It`s essential that you create an image of integrity, credibility, and honesty inrepparttar 138348 mind of your prospects. Sending emails filled with errors doesn`t hurt your professional destroys it.

Follow these basic email marketing rules and you will dramatically improve your chances of being a successful email marketer.

Ronald Gibson is a Web Designer and Web Marketer. He is the Webmaster of, which offers information about some of the best money making opportunities on the Web. For more information, visit:

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