The Easiest Way to Overcome Vanity

Written by Eric Engel

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Why are we so valuable? Because God made us. That’s it. There’s nothing more. All that we’ve accomplished, our assets, and our actions mean absolutely nothing. In other words, our nice house, perfect hair, & stylish clothing are worthless. Our career and community stature are meaningless. Even our good and charitable works do nothing to make us better.

This almost answersrepparttar next question. ‘How do we improve ourselves?’ But it only almost answers it, because it doesn’t addressrepparttar 147067 fact that God not only created us, but continues to work through us. So even though we can’t improve ourselves at all, we can let God do it. Give Him control, and He’ll make us better, reject Him, and our value will drop.

So by knowing, and loving ourselves, and desiring to make ourselves better, we can forget aboutrepparttar 147068 worldly illusions of greatness. We can overcomerepparttar 147069 vanity that might keep God from acting through us.

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Attention Pastors Wives!

Written by Kathy Pedeaux

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Does this mean we don't do anything we don't feel like doing? As Paul would say, "God forbid!" As Christians, no matter what our title is, we choose to serve, we educate ourselves, we discipline ourselves, we strive to be better than we are, we allow God to stretch us and we give our lives away to others! It is who we are. It isrepparttar definition of love that we lay down our lives! But............................God intended for us to reach our potential, to be happy alongrepparttar 147038 way, and to enjoyrepparttar 147039 freedom to do so through His precious blood that was shed.

7 Steps to Going Bagless!

1. Self-Educate - Find out more about your gifting and personality to frame some personal goals.

2. Make a list of your dreams.

3. Make a list of what makes you feel trapped or anxious as a Pastor's wife.

4. Seek God about 2 & 3

5. Communicate with Husband, trusted friend, or counselor

6. Make a decision to be happy

7. Make a decision to work toward goals and dreams

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Kathy Pedeaux is a graduate of Southwestern Assemblies of God Universtiy and serves along with her husband as Pastors of “The Mission Church” in Hammond Louisiana. Kathy holds a Masters Degree in Human Service Counseling and has 15 years of experience in helping people find direction, hope, and success in their lives. She is also a gifted speaker, teacher and worship leader that believes in helping people realize their dreams and destinies.

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