The Easiest Way to Build Credibility and Increase Long-Term Sales

Written by Alexandria K. Brown

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Imagine calling or writing each and every one of your clients and prospects every week! Nearly impossible to pull off, right? Well, an e-zine achievesrepparttar same goal -- keeping you on their "radar screens" ... in an unobtrusive way. This makes them more likely to think of YOU -- not your competition -- when they need to hire someone who offers your services or products.

4. An e-zine allows you to effortlessly SPREAD THE WORD about you and your business.

If you write a good e-zine, your readers will be very likely to pass it on to friends and colleagues. Remember that '70s shampoo commercial that went, "And I told two friends, and she told two friends, and so on, and so on..."? That principle -- clients passing onrepparttar 127531 word about your product or service -- is called "viral marketing" these days.

Most publishers begin with only a few dozen subscribers (their clients and associates). But after several months they can end up with thousands of readers on their list - thanks to viral marketing mixed with some promotional legwork.

5. An e-zine is CHEAP and EASY to publish -- especially compared with a print newsletter.

If you were to produce and mail a snazzy-looking printed newsletter, you could easily spend thousands of dollars each year. But with an e-zine, there's no design involved (unless you want there to be), no printing, and no postage costs. That means it's essentially FREE to put together and publish -- it just takes a bit of your time. And you can make it as long or short as you'd like. (Some ofrepparttar 127532 best e-zines I get feature only one tip per issue.)


Don't jump into publishing just yet! Takerepparttar 127533 time to plan a *quality* publication fromrepparttar 127534 start, and you'll reap amazing results. There are dozens of Web sites that offer articles, reports, tutorials, and manuals onrepparttar 127535 subject of e-zines. Here are a few to get you started:

Alexandria K. Brown, "The E-zine Queen," is author of "Boost Business With Your Own E-zine." She offers a biweekly newsletter called "Tips from the E-zine Queen." Learn how to write, publish, and promote a dynamic e-zine that builds customer trust. Subscribe now for FREE at

Hey, Why Are You Recording My Name?

Written by Alan Yap

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Even if they don't reply to my autoresponder, I still get their email addresses. :-)

Still can't figure out how this works? Then see it in action! Just go to and do a subscription request. You'll getrepparttar picture in a minute.

Now I'm not going to leave you hanging there. You can implement what I've done right away. Here arerepparttar 127530 resources:

1) To set up a form page (where subscribers give you their email addresses): - what I use - choose from a collection of CGI scripts

2) Autoresponder: - I prefer this to others as it does not carry any annoying advertisements

3) Software to organize and send your personalized emails: - This award winning software will solve many of your email management problems.

When you ask for your subscribers' names right fromrepparttar 127531 start, they become defensive and may even reconsider subscribing to your ezine. Or they may just give you fake names which really defeatsrepparttar 127532 whole purpose. Don't let them! Ask for their names only after they have subscribed. It is usually easier that way.

Remember: More Subscribers + Personalized Emails = Double Your Sales!

Alan Yap, founding editor of ProfitJump. Learn the "unconventional" tricks that he uses to grow his ezine to 4,000+ subscribers in just 2 months! Visit or subscribe at and receive 3 Bonus Reports.

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