The Easiest Small Business Direct Marketing Tip You’ll Ever Get

Written by Joe Farinaccio

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Or… here’s another way you could apply this small business direct marketing tip …


Hi (Customer’s Name),

Pat here. I want to say, “thank you” for making Little Town Diner a part of your dining experience. Serving folks like you is what makes our business so enjoyable.

To formally say, “thanks” I’d like to offer you a special discount this week. If you visit us between now and Sunday tell your waitress you wantrepparttar “Thank You Discount.” You and your family can order anything on our menu and get 20% off.

Now remember - - you have to ask forrepparttar 147842 discount to get it. This offer is just our way of saying, “thanks” for choosing us to serve you.

Thanks Again, Pat


There’s no limit to how you can use this.

If you’re a tree trimmer you could use this small business marketing tip too.

Let’s pretend you drop off some ofrepparttar 147843 wood from your tree cutting business to someone who makes mulch. This person tells you one day, “I’ve got a LOT of excess mulch here I’d like to get rid of for cheap. Do you know anyone who might want some?”

So you e-mail your list…


“Hi (Customer’s Name),

Fred here… from Smallville Tree Trimming Service.

I’ve got a friend who has a lot of mulch. They practically want to give it away. You can have as much as you want for $xxx per yard. Every yard of mulch covers xxx square feet.

If you’d like some call 800-555-5555 and place your order. It’ll probably go quickly at this price so call and reserve yours now.

I’ll even drop it off at your home to save yourepparttar 147844 hassle of having to pick it up.

Sincerely, Fred


You then splitrepparttar 147845 profits with your friend who is inrepparttar 147846 wood mulch business. The people on your list know you. They trust you. You’ve done work for them before. They’re more likely to buy from you than from anyone else.

Many on your list aren’t going to be interested in mulch. Some of them will... and they’ll be glad you contacted them with a great deal to help them out.

This small business direct marketing tip applies to ALL types of small businesses.

Get your message out. The people most likely to buy from you are waiting to hear from you. You can contact them for next to nothing. Anytime you want.

Joe Farinaccio is a direct-response copywriter. In addition to writing sales letters for online clients Joe specializes in putting together successful direct mail packages for small and medium sized businesses. You can learn more about how to market your business successfully and sign up to receive his free monthly Ezine at

A Landing Page Is Not An Order Page (And Why It Matters)

Written by Leon Altman

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And in all cases,repparttar landing page must be consistent withrepparttar 147734 marketing piece. Ifrepparttar 147735 prospect is suddenly confronted with a landing page that seems different or just doesn’t seem to connect withrepparttar 147736 piece they came from, a number of unfortunate things happen. There is a credibility gap. The prospect senses this is different and becomes on guard. And you loserepparttar 147737 momentum ofrepparttar 147738 sell, where one benefit leads to another untilrepparttar 147739 close.

Let’s say you’ve determinedrepparttar 147740 length ofrepparttar 147741 sell copy onrepparttar 147742 landing page. At this point, there is a crucial decision to be made. Afterrepparttar 147743 sell, do you putrepparttar 147744 order form or signup form onrepparttar 147745 same page or have prospects click to go to another page to fill outrepparttar 147746 form?

There are two opposing prospect tendencies to deal with. The more clicks a prospect needs to go through to get torepparttar 147747 order or signup,repparttar 147748 more likelyrepparttar 147749 prospect will not continue. Onrepparttar 147750 other hand, make prospects do too much scrolling and you’ll lose a certain percentage of them. In addition, if there is too much copy and graphics on a page, there isrepparttar 147751 danger thatrepparttar 147752 page looks too cluttered and intimidating.

There is no cookie-cutter solution. Generally, it is preferable to haverepparttar 147753 order form onrepparttar 147754 same page asrepparttar 147755 preceding sell copy; that is, onrepparttar 147756 landing page. Having said that, there are numerous cases when having prospects click to go to a separate order page is better.

So you see, a landing page is an important, yet flexible, stage inrepparttar 147757 selling process. Always keep in mindrepparttar 147758 marketing piecerepparttar 147759 prospect came from and develop your landing page accordingly.

With 25 years of experience, Leon Altman focuses on helping marketers get more out of their investment in marketing. To inquire about his services, write . To sign up for his Free Marketers FYI newsletter, visit his site at

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