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Written by Deborah A. Bailey

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Deborah A. Bailey is a writer of short fiction and non-fiction pieces. She was a computer programmer and developer for 15 years, and before that a catalog copywriter. Ms. Bailey has won awards from the Philadelphia Writers Conference for her writing, and has had two short stories published in the Sun magazine.

Goddess Signs - Which one are you? - A Review

Written by Cyann

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Take a friend of mine for example, going by her birth date (which I won't list here) and this book, she is listed as a Queen Goddess. This, knowing her as I do, is obviously incorrect. If one digs a little deeper, and knows more about Chinese Astrology than this author seems to, they would know that my friend is actually a Siren Goddess. Which fits her quite well.

Hadrepparttar author taken a little more time to do her research and added inrepparttar 122246 correct equation information for Chinese Astrology into her text, this could have been a really great book. She, however, didn't takerepparttar 122247 time to do so. Which I personally found quite disappointing.

I also must note that her interpretations of Tarot with Chinese Astrology, as well as Colors and Crystals & Gemstones, also left me disappointed. I foundrepparttar 122248 addition ofrepparttar 122249 Incense and Lucky Days to be a bit of a waste of space. I had to stop reading it.

So, if you come across "Goddess Signs - Which one are you?" by: Angelica Danton, and you know a bit more in-depth information about Chinese Astrology, getrepparttar 122250 book for its positive aspects. It is worth it for some of its Goddesses (once you fixrepparttar 122251 date issue), Planets, Herb and Moon Phases information.

However, if you are not very knowledgeable in this ancient Chinese art, don't buyrepparttar 122252 book. It will only serve to confuse your perceptions of Chinese Astrology as well as a few other things.

Peace to you, Cyann

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The ES Press magazine is a showcase of powerful inspirational works, writings and art. Come and experience all we have to offer!

Cyann - Spiritual Counselor

I am an Empathic and Intuitive Mediator, Minister and Spiritual Counselor.

Through kindness, honesty and a dash of humor, I assist my clients in addressing their individual needs, wants and concerns.

I hope you will enjoy my contributions to The ES Press. It is truly an inspired magazine.

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