The Ducks - Did They Forget?

Written by Monique Rider

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My eyes were totally enjoyingrepparttar calmness and tranquility of this July, I mean December, scene. December! Suddenly my mind kicked in and I felt a lot of anxiety. Oh my gosh, don't they realize it's December? We could be hit with a blizzard any day now. Shouldn't they be flying south or something!? Did they forget? Did they get caught up in this make believe July that someone accidentally spliced into December? Those poor birds have been tricked - they should be packing their bags and heading out. What if they all die inrepparttar 131392 blizzard? And those trees, withrepparttar 131393 buds coming out, they have been tricked too. The buds andrepparttar 131394 birds will all die - what a cruel trick! It really bothered me but then, turning my gaze back ontorepparttar 131395 ducks, they seemed very self confident of what they were doing. No anxiety for them, not a bit! I guess they must have this instinct, intuition, internal voice - like humans except we usually don't listen to ours - that tells them what to do and when to do it. They don't have to follow a set schedule, yet they know when to go. Boy, just think of allrepparttar 131396 relaxation they would have missed if they would have left inrepparttar 131397 beginning of November! And just think of allrepparttar 131398 beauty WE would have missed ifrepparttar 131399 trees would have shut down in October. It's October, let's close up shop - no buds again until April. Nature sure knows what it's doing - and it appears to be so simple. Humans make things so complicated - and we still don't get it right.

Monique is a writer, life coach, personal trainer, and competitive bodybuilder. She is the founder of Trinity Coaching Services, a business that provides life coaching to clients world wide. Please visit Monique at:

Underextend Yourself

Written by Jean R. Charles

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Less obvious, and possibly more freeing, isrepparttar resolution of relationships that are no longer working for you. If a draining relationship is one of your “cards” and you remove it, you then haverepparttar 131390 option to replace it with another relationship that is more suitable. Or, you can keeprepparttar 131391 extra slack in your elastic reserve and haverepparttar 131392 space available for additions to other areas of your life.

You can also create some slack in your rubber band of life by stretching and growing at a reasonable and sustainable rate. As you gain experiences and insights, build more supportive relationships, increase your financial reserves, etc.; your capacity to hold a larger “deck” of life increases. You build reserves and create room to add more to your life without compromising your ability to hold it all together.

So, when that stretched-out feeling alerts you that you are beginning to overextend, stop stretching. Clear out your excess “cards”, or grow your reserves; and regain some slack in your rubber band. You will then be able to add valuable “cards” to your deck of life and remain under-extended and ready for more.

Jean coaches professionals and small business owners to discover, design and live their just right lives. She provides support, focus, and momentum to keep clients on track and progressing. She can be reached at or visited on the web at Subscribe to Just Right Coaching Clips newsletter by email:

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