The Dream Dancer's Mask

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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We covered howrepparttar ancients used spalling to get ores from rock in this book. Spalling would likely have lead to smelting due to different metals being present inrepparttar 135795 ores these people were after. We also know that certain very hard woods produce high heats and when fires are used in caves or cenotes open to prevailing winds it produces a bellows effect. Here is a little about one metal that when present in an ore reducesrepparttar 135796 melting point of gold to approximately half of its normal melting point of 1064 degrees Celsius. “There is a 22 ct yellow gold solder with a very low melting point. {We know that Greek gold used cadmium to affectrepparttar 135797 lower melting point.} This hasrepparttar 135798 composition 92.5 % gold - 6.0% germanium -1.5% silicon and is based onrepparttar 135799 ternary eutectic system. The soldering temperature is 425-450°C and althoughrepparttar 135800 joints are initially whitish in colour they can be heat treated for 2 hours at 285°C to give a good colour match to yellow gold.” (13) REQUIRED ANALYSIS: 1. How wererepparttar 135801 artifacts made? How wererepparttar 135802 symbols of minute and microscopic nature put on and intorepparttar 135803 artifacts? POSSIBILITIES: a) Harmonic drills b) Diamond drills (seems unlikely due torepparttar 135804 small size) c) Shamanic attunement causing lattices of matter to reflect specific designs akin to what one might see in Crop Circle formation. 2. Is there a development of technology over time which is demonstrated? a) Is this technology mirrored in Iowa and which one is earliest? b) What other regions ofrepparttar 135805 world might have similar artifacts or designs includingrepparttar 135806 Cretan bull we see. Will there be knowledge onrepparttar 135807 Luwian script found at 2200 feet belowrepparttar 135808 Gulf of Mexico to tie these things together withrepparttar 135809 Carolina Bays event in 8350 BCE? 3. What wasrepparttar 135810 purpose ofrepparttar 135811 artisans or shamans? Isrepparttar 135812 Orisha or Yoruba possession by demons a real thing or is it a sorcerer and his psychic possession that is involved? How many witnesses to a ritual are affected and can one shaman possess many people simultaneously? a) My personal experiences with exorcisms and possessions as well asrepparttar 135813 work of Robert Bruce and others who might be asked to attune torepparttar 135814 artifacts in ritual. b) Couldrepparttar 135815 minute symbols include information that can be tapped through harmonics? ACTION PLAN: 1. Contact and beginrepparttar 135816 process of informing experts in anthropology, archaeology, chemistry (bonding and lattices or Materials Scientists like Robins and Tiller) psychology and physics aboutrepparttar 135817 possibilities these artifacts may portend. 2. Select one institution or expert to make an appraisal ofrepparttar 135818 work done in my book that addressesrepparttar 135819 ‘who’ and ‘when’ in general terms. Maybe this person or institution will eventually seek to berepparttar 135820 dig team managers and owners ofrepparttar 135821 site. Could mining companies and investment firms be interested ifrepparttar 135822 government funded institutions find it ‘too political’? 3. Try to get a ball park onrepparttar 135823 date ofrepparttar 135824 electrum for purposes of focusing our efforts. 4. Getrepparttar 135825 archaeological ball park onrepparttar 135826 lithics if possible. If we are dealing with huge time frames due torepparttar 135827 electrum being smelted (uncertain at present) then we will have a lot more research to do onrepparttar 135828 ‘who’ or what culture(s) were involved. 5. Consider auction houses andrepparttar 135829 media at junctures which might moverepparttar 135830 process along. guest expert Seeking people who wish to get these artifacts brought to light in order to tell the truth of The Brotherhood that was invaded and destroyed with the use of bioweapons.

Probability - Fact or Fiction

Written by Johnny Fuctup

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Heads again! Three in a row! That’s 12.5% chance given traditional views of probability. About 1/10, pretty lucky I guess, but not exceptionally improbable...

Next toss. Four heads in a row would be pretty unlikely, 6.25% chance, taking into accountrepparttar irrefutable laws of probability. Your confidence in this coin toss is not high at all... This time, it must be tails!

You toss again... Doh! Tails... told you! It’s just random.

But what if no-one had ever told you about probability? What if at schools, pupils were taught that nothing was random, but was merely configured byrepparttar 135772 consensus of conscious minds observing it, based upon their beliefs onrepparttar 135773 outcome?

Would those children, upon reaching adulthood, be able to toss a coin 1000 times and it come up heads every single time?

Maybe, maybe not. But my point is that seemingly provable scientific experiments may have their results contaminated byrepparttar 135774 belief ofrepparttar 135775 persons doingrepparttar 135776 experimentation.

If scientists believe that they are unable to influence probability, thenrepparttar 135777 results they will glean will support this belief, whether that is because they are right, or because they are wrong but believe they are right.

Imagine if everybody inrepparttar 135778 country putrepparttar 135779 same numbers onrepparttar 135780 lottery, and watchedrepparttar 135781 draw convinced “I’m going to win this week I can feel it!”

Wouldrepparttar 135782 chances of those numbers coming out still be millions to one?

Maybe, maybe not.

But then again, scientists will freely accept that quantum particles can be influenced merely by our observations and expectations. So why not visible matter constructed of these quantum particles? Because its easier for them to accept strange goings-on with an invisible sub-atomic particle than it is with something they can see, feel, taste, and touch like a coin or a dice. If they don’t see anything that supports this belief, they will not believe it. But if belief is what makes it happen, then they are never going to see it in experimentation.

If belief isrepparttar 135783 key to defining our reality, then while we retain a steadfast and narrow belief system, be that religion, science, or a combination ofrepparttar 135784 two, then we are severely narrowingrepparttar 135785 possibilities open to us in this reality. We need to reset our brains back to zero. View everything from “provable” and “observable” science to religious or spiritual philosophies as a child would, from a neutral place where you can freely explore them as possibilities, but be in a place where you can also explorerepparttar 135786 other conflicting areas of possibility without contaminating them, or rendering them invisible, with your own preconceptions.

If you get in to a reality too deeply, you will believe in that reality torepparttar 135787 point where you will automatically dismiss any other reality presented to you... this is dangerous, especially when you consider thatrepparttar 135788 reality you are part of may have been devised with a malevolent intent.

Johnny Fuctup looks at everything from a neutral point. Breaking down rigid belief systems and being open to many alternative possibilities of reality is paramount to understanding the universe we live in, and also to assuring that we are not being maniuplated into buying into a bogus belief system, be that religions or sciences.

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