The Dr. Phil Diet Explained

Written by Helen Laxton

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Food to avoid include avoid fast food, and any easily consumed food -repparttar phrase he likes is to avoid eating anything that will turn you into a human "wood chipper." For this reason, you shouldn't buy cookies and potato chips. Instead you should stock up on vegetables and other healthy foods bought from a list. A full list of good and bad foods is available at

Like a lot of sensible diets,repparttar 113109 Shape Up Plan incorporates exercise. Dr Phil suggestsrepparttar 113110 standard 3 times per week, for at least 20 minutes a time. Followingrepparttar 113111 Doctor's recommendations can lead to weightloss of between one and two pounds per week - slow steady loss, of course, being easier to maintain than loss acheived via 'crash diets'. Once you hitrepparttar 113112 target weight you want,repparttar 113113 rules slacken considerably, although you still need to rememberrepparttar 113114 7 keys to success, and base your eating habits on them.

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Talks about Black (Shou/Ripe) Pu-erh

Written by Tea Hub

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In massive Wo Dui production, loose Mao Cha are first piled up into 1-1.5m high piles, then spilled on water and covered with wet cloths. This is called Wo Dui. The tea piles need to be turned over (Fan Dui) onrepparttar second day, and then piled up again. After that,repparttar 113108 tea piles still need to be turned over a few more times. Humidity and temperature are keys torepparttar 113109 success during this Fan Dui process. Fan Dui process decides quality of Wo Dui processed Pu-erh. This process may take 30-40 days. When tea leaves turn into brownish red color, it is time to setrepparttar 113110 leaves naturally dried with good air flow. After leave water content reduces to below 14%,repparttar 113111 leaves are ready for further process.

Tastes of Wo Dui processed Pu-erh will improve with aging. They can be later compressed into different shapes. Producers sometimes also mix up Wo Dui processed Pu-erh and new Mao Cha to create mixed compress Pu-erh.

As you can see, Wo Dui is a highly scientific process. Those cheap wet storage tricks are no way close to it.

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