The Disenchanted Forest, The Enchanted Self - A Tale of Female Development in a Strange Land

Written by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

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Now as I walked throughrepparttar forest verything changed for me. Light kept fillingrepparttar 142635 forest and whenrepparttar 142636 light was dim, I would rememberrepparttar 142637 women and how they taught me to light my own way-pull from my own passions and loves and what gives me delight. I would remember that my own potential can not be extinguished by negative words from someone else as it is my blueprint of who I am and my gifts to be shared. I knew a great gift had been sent to me by these women who had shared their stories with me. I was blessed. And immediately I knew that I a responsibility to sendrepparttar 142638 news far out overrepparttar 142639 land. I was filled withrepparttar 142640 passion that comes from knowing a special assignment had been given and I flung open my arms to all! I welcomed all in to receive this glorious news-We haverepparttar 142641 capacity for delight and joy within! We are notrepparttar 142642 victims of disenchantment! We are each able to use enchantment as a way to unfold our personal talents, capacities and convictions. We are not doomed to by mesmerized by darkness nor do we have to wait for a power to come from without! The power of elation is waiting within each of us! But just opening my arms was not enough-I had to take an instrument of wisdom and use it wisely. And so I did-for me often that meant taking pen or computer in hand. And that meant I reached out to you! And I am so happy that you are hear. I hope you will also take in your handrepparttar 142643 wisdom of Enchantment and begin to send it out into endless waves of positive energy and encouragement. I look forward to sharing many wondrous tales! For more information on how my search began please readrepparttar 142644 professional paper I have prepared at:

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein , originator of THE ENCHANTED SELF®, a method of bringing delight, purpose and meaning into everyday living, is a nationally known Positive Psychologist. Visit her website at and sign up for her free e-mail newsletter and upcoming teleclass.

Believe In Yourself

Written by J. E. Burke

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The same applies to running a successful business of any kind. You must believe in yourself and that you are able to do whatever is needed to make it successful - for you. Not because you have to, but because you choose to prepare yourself for successes. I often say that "if you believe in yourself - you will prepare yourself"

When it comes to operating a successful online business you must prepare yourself for success. The best way to do this is to learn fromrepparttar 'masters' or 'gurus' who have made their fortunes onrepparttar 142592 Internet.

There are a numerous sources of information on internet marketing, etc., but many of them are pitiful, unproductive schemes. Fortunately, there are a number of informative online newsletters (Ezines) full of useful advise and resources to direct you onrepparttar 142593 right path to a successful business of your own.

Yes, it's true. You can believe your way to success.

Manna Success News, a free weekly Ezine provides short, information packed online marketing articles by experts inrepparttar 142594 industry. Each issue includes at least one FREE E-book for subscribers and links torepparttar 142595 best resources to help you start or grow your business.

Untilrepparttar 142596 next time Keep on believing.

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