The Dirty Little Diet Secret

Written by Amy Grant

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The answer is quite simple: supplements.

Most high-profile actors and actresses (and even some well-known musicians and professional athletes) use diet pills to supplement their cardiovascular exercise, nutrition and weight training efforts. Supplements are particularly helpful when these superstars are looking to quickly drop those unsightly “off-season” pounds. So whyrepparttar big secret? Simple, these celebrities want to maintain their "larger-than-life" persona, and also don’t want to be perceived as "pill-poppers."

I personally reviewed several diet pills, and two in particular stand out aboverepparttar 140236 crowd. The first is an all-natural, yet unlikely combination of cayenne, ginger root, apple cider vinegar, bromelain and potassium, which provides immediate and impressive results. At first, I was skeptical to try a diet pill, but sincerepparttar 140237 company offers an unconditional money-back guarantee, I tried it myself. I was thrilled with results and I also lost two dress sizes in four weeks. I foundrepparttar 140238 product at

The other product is Ma huang, widely known as Ephedra, a natural substance which has been used in Eastern healing methods for centuries. Ephedra sales temporarily ceased inrepparttar 140239 United States when a short-lived ban was enacted, butrepparttar 140240 ban has since been lifted and supplements containing natural ephedra are now considered safe for human consumption. This product hasrepparttar 140241 added benefit of increased metabolism, energy and fat burning capabilities, and can be found at This company currently claims to berepparttar 140242 ONLY online source of ephedra sincerepparttar 140243 ban was lifted.

These supplements are used by many Hollywood celebrities and are now available to you andrepparttar 140244 general public. Now thatrepparttar 140245 cat’s out ofrepparttar 140246 bag, you can finally haverepparttar 140247 Hollywood results that you deserve. No one guarantees that you will land any starring movie roles, butrepparttar 140248 makers of NiteTrim guarantee that you will lose weight and be satisfied withrepparttar 140249 product. Order your free 30-day sample today at or orderrepparttar 140250 natural ephedra supplement at

Amy S. Grant is an avid fitness enthusiast who enjoys scuba diving, photography, and empowering people to achieve their goals.

A New Option for Weight Loss Surgery

Written by Michael Lewis

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One ofrepparttar newly published studies evaluatedrepparttar 140165 Lap-Band device in 500 morbidly obese French patients. Researcher Franck Zinzindohoue, MD, and colleagues reported a 53% excess weight loss at two years, with 10% of patients having to have second operations due to complications. No deaths were reported amongrepparttar 140166 patients. The outcomes were much better than those reported in a recent study finding that more than half of patients abandonedrepparttar 140167 band in favor of gastric bypass surgery.

The authors attribute their good outcome to a procedure they developed to reducerepparttar 140168 incidence of band slippage, one of repparttar 140169 most common complications of gastric banding.

Some Patients Are Unhappy Because They Did Not Loose As Much Weight As They Wanted


Still, in an accompanying editorial, weight loss surgeon John M. Kellum, MD, says surgeons in America may want to think twice before recommending gastric band surgery over gastric bypass. He no longer performs gastric banding, and says most of his patients who hadrepparttar 140170 banding procedure were unhappy with it because they did not lose as much weight as they had hoped to.

"Some of my patients actually gained weight, which never happens with gastric bypass," he tells WebMD. "We were also troubled byrepparttar 140171 fairly high number of patients who had complications withrepparttar 140172 band." Kellum says a newer type of band from Sweden may be safer for patients thanrepparttar 140173 Lap-Band, but it has not been studied inrepparttar 140174 U.S.

Inrepparttar 140175 second new study, authors claimed a lower rate of band erosion and slippage. Butrepparttar 140176 procedure is not recommended for all patients, especiallyrepparttar 140177 heaviest, which Kellum says could restrict its usefulness among American patients.

"American patients tend to be heavier than those in Europe, andrepparttar 140178 heavierrepparttar 140179 patientrepparttar 140180 higherrepparttar 140181 likelihood that complications will occur," he says.

Jennifer Secrist, who now weighs 140 pounds and is a size 6, says she knows of a few gastric band patients, or "bandsters," who have had trouble losing weight withrepparttar 140182 procedure. But she would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone whose health is jeopardized by morbid obesity. She publishes a web journal of her process to inspire others.

"I want people to know there are alternatives to being heavy," she says. "This has done so much for me. I can't begin to describe it."

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