The Difference Between Article Marketing and Traditional Article Writing

Written by Dina Giolitto

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Exposure comes inrepparttar form of your articles that make front page search engine headlines. What do I mean by that? Well, let's say you're inrepparttar 149221 car wash business. If you write several articles about breakthrough conveyor belt technology, those articles will come up inrepparttar 149222 search engines when web surfers go hunting for that information. The more articles you write,repparttar 149223 more frequently your website link and your name will come up... and then,repparttar 149224 more interested prospects will come to your website. You want to sell that technology, right? Then start writing those articles.

So: who should think about using Article Marketing as a way to become well-known, respected, and potentially rich onrepparttar 149225 internet?

Anyone who wants to create a product.

Anyone who has a website.

Anyone who wants to build a brand.

Anyone who wants to start a web-based business that will be profitable forrepparttar 149226 long term.

Characteristics of Web Articles:

- Short and torepparttar 149227 point

- Broken up into easily digestible sections of text

- Helpful, informative copy

- Light promotional tone

- Should always, always point to your URL

You can hire someone who works relatively cheap to write your articles. But a better strategy, if you really want to be a big brand name, would be to find someone who is willing to "concept out" your articles.

Get a real copywriter to streamline an aggressive marketing campaign to pitch a product that you will sell by way of that "gateway" -repparttar 149228 link atrepparttar 149229 end of your article.

Article Marketing is Link Distribution plus Useful Information to lure in your reader. It is not meant to bring yourepparttar 149230 Nobel Peace Prize for your writing achievements. It's good old web marketing with a creative writing twist.

Want to joinrepparttar 149231 article marketing craze and get your website noticed? Well then, go warm up with a few web articles! They're quick, painless and even fun to write.

What are you waiting for? It's time to write that article.

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Google News - Just another article announcer?

Written by Martin Lemieux

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Onlyrepparttar sections onrepparttar 148879 left deliver actual real-time news. These are: Top Stories | World | Business | Sci/Tech | Sports | Entertainment | Health. These links provide real-time results delivered from credible news sources online.

Google News Alerts - Ezine anyone?

When you think about it, you are giving Google your email address to get related articles torepparttar 148880 search term delivered to your inbox, how does this differ from any other regular newsletter? Are we going to start seeing Google Adwords withinrepparttar 148881 news alerts? Will they consider giving large corporationsrepparttar 148882 opportunity to advertise within their email alerts as a one time mailing! I hope not.

More and more we are seeing less ofrepparttar 148883 Google we once knew and have come to love (A search bar with some great results). Since Google's IPO,repparttar 148884 development team at GG are starting to launch applications online that are starting to resemble what we now know asrepparttar 148885 great Yahoo Portal.

Will there be any difference? Probably not.

One Great Point About Google News:

They have given yourepparttar 148886 ability to customize your page to show whatever news topics you want. Simply look atrepparttar 148887 right side for a button that says "Customize this page New!". Once you click on this link a drop down box shows you allrepparttar 148888 main topics you have listed within your page. Simply click onrepparttar 148889 topic you wish to customize or remove. The best part of it all is that you can click on "Add a custom section" and simply search forrepparttar 148890 topic you wish to have listed on your page.

All in all you can create an entire custom news page (author articles) that relate to your industry.

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