The Devine Secrets Of The Ya Ya Lease Purchase Hood

Written by Sue and Chuck DeFiore

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Secret number 6 is to have a good telephone script. Be sure your script asks for allrepparttar information you need to make an informed decision as to whether or not there is a deal, and whether or not it is a good deal. You want this information before you leave for an appointment. Remember you donít make an appointment unless you are going to get a contract signed.

Secret number 7 is to makerepparttar 117302 calls and sendrepparttar 117303 emails. You need to makerepparttar 117304 calls and to send your emails out on a consistent basis. In any business you need to continuously market to get new business.

Secret number 8 is to follow up. After you have made your telephone calls -follow up. Send a letter, a brochure, a newsletter, whatever you decide works best for you. But if you donít follow up, you will lose a ton of business. I can guarantee it.

Secret number 9 is to have fair agreements and contracts. Your contracts and any and all of your agreements must be fair to all parties. If they are not, again, I guarantee you will have problems on a number of fronts.

Secret number 10 is to only do good business. We canít emphasize this enough. It has to be a good deal forrepparttar 117305 seller, a good deal forrepparttar 117306 tenant buyer and a good deal for you. All parties must be happy and feel they got what they wanted. If not, again I can guarantee you will have problems, and will not be in business for very long.

Secret number 11 is to stick to your plan. Rememberrepparttar 117307 plan you made up to start with, well follow it. Itís what you made it up for. So use it. Study it. If you need to revise it, do so. However, if you arenít going to follow it and do so religiously you are not going to be in business for a very long.

Rememberrepparttar 117308 #1 secret ofrepparttar 117309 Ya Ya Lease Purchase Hood is to implement that plan.

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Mail Order: Myths, Magic and Absolute Truths!

Written by Avril Harper

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Myth #5 There's Nothing New In Mail Order. It's All Been Done Before!

Very true! And false! The simple fact that life goes on day by day is sufficient to generate lots of new products and plentiful methods of marketing for big money. New products available in one country but absent from your own can be imported or dropshipped byrepparttar owners, or copycatted by you. But be careful, copying something too closely is wrong, and actionable at law, unlike copycatting which really means ‘emulating' without breaching trademark and copyright laws.

Sadly, even tragic, unexpected events present openings, as didrepparttar 117301 untimely death of Diana, Princess of Wales, and more recently old blue eyes himself, Frank Sinatra. Both spawned a host of mail order and direct mail promotions, not all complimentary to subjects themselves but all highly profitable judging byrepparttar 117302 extensive marketing strategies repeated week after week.

The secret is to keep your eyes open for new opportunities, ‘new' not always meaning recent ..... and this is one timerepparttar 117303 ‘nothing new' brigade might be right, because many exceptionally profitable products are regurgitated from ideas in decades-old publications, making flea markets a great source of product ideas for you!

Considerrepparttar 117304 yo-yo, for example, andrepparttar 117305 hula hoop, both making regular comebacks, alongside many more products waiting to be revived from ads. that can be picked out of magazines and newspapers selling for pennies on eBay and other auctions on and offrepparttar 117306 Internet.

Myth #6 Very Few Things Can Be Sold Through Mail Order and Direct Mail

Rubbish - virtually anything can be sold through mail order and direct mail, even if they can't always be delivered by post. Witness past offers of pieces ofrepparttar 117307 Berlin Wall, cans of London Smog, pieces of land with titles attached, tins containing holes from Polo mints, a disused underground bunker (location eludes me), and a tropical rain forest in Costa Rica!

So there we have it: six myths to treat with caution and tackle with gusto.

And remember to always treat what experts say with caution. It might be their pockets they're looking to fill, not yours!


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