The Deep Roots of Integrity

Written by David Leonhardt

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Was it easy for her to pullrepparttar heavy and bulky wagon? No. Did she stop after a minute? No. Five minutes? No. Ten minutes? No. It was almost as if she knew this was a test of character and she wanted to get an A+

As adults, we face daily choices: takerepparttar 126955 easy way out and just go along forrepparttar 126956 ride, or dorepparttar 126957 best we can do and berepparttar 126958 best we can be. I am sure every one of us chooses both options several times a day. Let's be conscious of those decisions today.

This inspiration was first published in Your Daily Dose of Happiness at . The author is David Leonhardt, The Happy Guy, author of The Get Happy Workbook at . Visit his web site at .

God and the Hacker

Written by Wayne Patterson

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Then something happens. We get a new job or a promotion. We may move into a new neighborhood. Possibly it is some tragedy or illness that causes us to be reconnected torepparttar world on a full time basis. The hacker becomes aware of us and exploits our weaknesses. He finds a "back door" or "Trojan Horse." Then he sends his viruses to further infect and weaken our system. Soon he knows all about us and he is in complete control of our computer and our lives.

The answer is that we must stay connected to God,repparttar 126954 ultimate firewall. This isrepparttar 126955 one firewall that Satan cannot penetrate. But this is not enough. We must also have Jesus Christ in our lives. Jesus allows us to scan for and detectrepparttar 126956 viruses and demons that are continually trying to ruin our lives. Even then this is not enough. We must continually update our firewall and virus protection through prayer and church attendance.

Many people are confused because they thinkrepparttar 126957 firewall and virus scan will completely protect them. No, bad things still happen to good computers and to good people. Lightning may strike and send a surge. You may spill Coke onrepparttar 126958 keyboard. Your teenage son may be involved a horrible car accident. Your sister or your brother may steal from you. What it does mean is that no matter what happens your operating system, like Job's, will remain safe and untouchable.

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