The Declaration of RE-Independence

Written by James Sorrell

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Helprepparttar USA re-invent itself before we implode and sink onrepparttar 146877 loveless iceberg of obscene greed and rampant materialism, where 90% ofrepparttar 146878 dogs eat & live better than 30% of our children!! "Equal opportunity for every American isrepparttar 146879 unfinished work of America"......Abraham Lincoln Also--->Amnesty International: America's offensive against global terrorism was "bankrupt of vision" and has "maderepparttar 146880 world a more dangerous place". ........................................The country you save will be your own!! Best regards, James Sorrell 608 661-0966 "An army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of lions led by a sheep." - Arabian Proverb ------------------------------------------------------------------------

To Juliania (PBS discussion board):  All of America is wired for live communication (radio, tv, internet, phones, etc.)! (Orson Welles accidentally discoveredrepparttar 146881 impressive use of live broadcasting back on a Halloween night inrepparttar 146882 30's) We (the unique "Werepparttar 146883 People", who ownrepparttar 146884 government & arerepparttar 146885 gov't.) would have one big town meeting in every city, town & village, and re-invent ourselves to a "people" who get it right, literally over-night, while basic services continued!

Teacher: The Keeper of the Flame

Goethe Confesses

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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One of his students byrepparttar name of John Ruskin inculcatedrepparttar 145123 Illuminati principles in Cecil Rhodes whose influence and power is a blight upon humanity to this day – so I could be wrong about him being as good as I think. In fact Rhodes and Hitler both had what some think is a daemonic event that made them (like Napoleon) intorepparttar 145124 men they became. I thinkrepparttar 145125 use of esoteric or occult possession techniques was involved by those who sought to control these men but I see little evidence that Carlyle was one who developed these techniques - so if he was part of it – he was also a mere tool for them.

I offer you a Mason talking about Goethe as one of his own but I remind yourepparttar 145126 Masons say they killed or expungedrepparttar 145127 Illuminati once they found outrepparttar 145128 real nature ofrepparttar 145129 Illuminati. In this piece I have chosen something that says Goethe’s works were a ‘confession’ and if you have understood Faust you will know that Asmodeus is there. I suspect Goethe was a member of a Freemasonic Order ofrepparttar 145130 Golden Centurion. “Who was Goethe? Carlyle called himrepparttar 145131 ‘Universal Man’ and with good reason. Lyric poet, novelist, draughtsman, playwright, translator, actor, theatre manager, minister of state, administrator, geologist, botanist, anatomist, philosopher, critic, lover-and with all this he is known torepparttar 145132 world today by his "Faust" which, for all its profundity, remains for many people inaccessible and by his poetry which is in some of its best aspects untranslatable. His plays are seldom performed outside Germany yet he was a genius and this is without dispute. Goethe's life matters more forrepparttar 145133 understanding of his works than doesrepparttar 145134 life of most authors, since he himself was particularly conscious ofrepparttar 145135 connection betweenrepparttar 145136 two. ‘All my works,’ he said on one occasion, ‘were fragments of a great confession.’” (5)

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