The Declaration of RE-Independence

Written by James Sorrell

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Written by Aftab Hassan Khan

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There are over 24000 relogious institutions called Madrassas in Pakistan. Over a million students are registered in these schools. The Musharaf regime are in full support of these religious schools pleading that not all religious schools promote Jehad. The education in Pakistan is becoming more and more a business. Private schools have taken overrepparttar public schools in numbers. There are mpore primary school students in preivate ininstitutions thanrepparttar 125976 public primary schools. This isrepparttar 125977 natural result ofrepparttar 125978 ever reducing government spending on education. Less than 2 per cent ofrepparttar 125979 national income in spent on education in Pakistan. But military regime can not keeprepparttar 125980 same old relationship withrepparttar 125981 religious fundamentalists as were before September 2001. Gradually, there is a bitter taste in their relationship. The MMA,repparttar 125982 major alliance of these religious fundamentalist parties, is threatening to launch a nationwide campaign. That is onrepparttar 125983 question of democracy. The MMA alongside with ARD¨is demanding that Legal FrameWork Order (LFO) announced by General Musharaf be brought torepparttar 125984 parliament. Under LFO, through a presidential ordinance, General Musharaf have legalized its three-year of military government and several amendments have been made inrepparttar 125985 constitution.

Relationship with India

Pakistan and India has fought three wars duringrepparttar 125986 last 56 years of socalled independence fromrepparttar 125987 British imperialism. At present a peace fever has taken overrepparttar 125988 main policies of Musharaf regime and Vajpai,s Bhartia Junta Part government in India. The sour relationship between India and Pakistan was at its peak duringrepparttar 125989 last three years. No road, train or air link was allowed byrepparttar 125990 two government untill three months before. Now allrepparttar 125991 routs are going to be open within next three months. This is manly due torepparttar 125992 pressure ofrepparttar 125993 American imperialism and also from a masses to open uprepparttar 125994 borders.

The American imperialism at present does not favour a war between India and Pakistan. it wants Musharaf regime to take onrepparttar 125995 religious fundamentalists rather than a war on India. That is why Musharaf regime is now bringing most of its army fromrepparttar 125996 front line with India torepparttar 125997 front line with Afghanistan. It has carried out military operation inrepparttar 125998 tribal areas between Afghanistan and Pakistan that was unthinkable inrepparttar 125999 past. The periorities of American inperalism at this juncture of histiory is to put all efforts to stop Assama and its allies forces to take over Afghanistan. But sincerepparttar 126000 pakistani religious fundamentalists have taken overrepparttar 126001 province next to Afghanistan,repparttar 126002 guerella activities is been onrepparttar 126003 increas. There is an increase activites ofrepparttar 126004 Talba Jihadies agaisntrepparttar 126005 NATO forces in Afghanistan.

The other factor is a termendous desire ofrepparttar 126006 masses to a peacefull atmosphere betweenrepparttar 126007 two countries. The both countries are economies of less than $ 400 per capita. But their main spending have been and still isrepparttar 126008 expenditure onrepparttar 126009 name of defense. That is atrepparttar 126010 cost ofrepparttar 126011 social sector on both side. The infrastrucre remain absolute weak and unstable in economic , political and social basis.

The political situation is quite volatile. The presesnt set up of a mixture of military and civil politicians is not very strong one. The government is a weak government and is still not been able to legalise itself inrepparttar 126012 eyes ofrepparttar 126013 masses. It is still considered mostly byrepparttar 126014 masses and rightly so a puppet government ofrepparttar 126015 military with Musharaf as pressident. The prime minister Jamali who hails from Baluchistan is heading a break away group of conservative Muslim League. The ML has a long history to work together withrepparttar 126016 establishment to retain and remain in power.

The present government will find itself very difficult to complete its full five years of term. Now almost a year in government, it has faced crisis after crisis. The elected prime minister zafarullah Jamali has been already forced to resign byrepparttar 126017 Gen. Musharraf andrepparttar 126018 former employee ofrepparttar 126019 IMF current Finance minister would berepparttar 126020 new prime minister. One ofrepparttar 126021 best comment onrepparttar 126022 present government has come one of its minister of information Sheikh Rashid. He told a reporter thatrepparttar 126023 best success of this governmet is that it is still in power after even a year. The civilian set up under a general has tried its best to avoid any confrontation withrepparttar 126024 military by obeying all its orders without any question. But this situation can not last very for.It is possible thatrepparttar 126025 present socalled civilian government be overthorwn by General Musharaf if he feels at unease withrepparttar 126026 setup. he want to have absolute powers like a dictator but with a civilian prime minister, he had to share some of its authority. General Musharaf can become even more dictator by declaring an emergency or even a martial law. A new military rule is not at all ruled out. With or without Musharaf,repparttar 126027 military will be part ofrepparttar 126028 power for soem more time untill a real mass movement erupt to challangerepparttar 126029 power.

25 years old Human Rights and activist for Democratic Development in Pakistan, currently living in exile in Sweden. Contact Author:

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