The Declaration of RE-Independdence

Written by James Sorrell

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or The country you save will be your own! Best regards, James Sorrell


Peace Starts With The Mirror

Written by Darrin F. Coe, MA

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4. Establishing a system of faith. 5. Letting go of things like revenge and personal offense. 6. Letting go of tradition if it is unproductive. 7. Renewing your mind, body, and spirit on a daily basis. 8. Developing humility. 9. Developing a perspective ofrepparttar world around you that is not based in stereotypes. 10. A study of, and incorporation of positive virtues 11. Pursuing a full life no matter your current circumstances. Once you begin developing peace within yourself, that peace will spread outward torepparttar 125985 world around you. First, your friends, and family, then your community, then your enemies, and outward torepparttar 125986 world. This isrepparttar 125987 true path of global peace; one person at a time finding peace within themselves. It is my belief that those who are most violent possessrepparttar 125988 greatest capacity for peace and non-violence. It all starts by acceptingrepparttar 125989 challenge of examining yourself everyday and choosing peace over violence. I encourage you to look inrepparttar 125990 mirror of your life and begin to put aside violence. Develop a new perspective towards friends, family, enemies, challengers, andrepparttar 125991 world at large.

Darrin F. Coe holds a masters degree in professional psychology and is the author of Bring The Noise: Warrior Poetry and the horror serial "Feeding Ground" Contact him at

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