The Deadly Itch!

Written by Arun Pal Singh

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‘You liar! You made a fool of me. There is no door there. It is a wall all around. No wealth there..’ Manku yelled at Sonkulat while he listened.

‘I will have to go back to job and spend my life in poverty’ Manku sighed and went for his old master.

But Manku was wrong. There was a door indeed. It did lead to store house of wealth. Only he could not find it. Only if he knew why did he fail!

Manku had a strange uncontrollable itch that would appear suddenly and last for minutes. He would never know how he missedrepparttar door. But every time he was close torepparttar 140211 door he would feel like itching. He would leaverepparttar 140212 wall to satisfy his itch. After his severe itch got controlled he would restart in opposite direction. He would completerepparttar 140213 whole circle again to reachrepparttar 140214 door fromrepparttar 140215 other side and his itch would strike again.

He missedrepparttar 140216 door many a times. Finally he decided to come back. He stopped pursuing his dreams.

Manku is back to his job now. He works everyday with a conviction that he is destined to be poor. He is no way content but he shows that he is.

Manku will never attempt to be rich again.

Every time you have failed and have an urge to quit, think. You might be about to succeed. Do not let your dreams be prey of that urge.

Beware of that urge. It is worse thanrepparttar 140217 itch Manku had.

People become successful because they do not quit.

Wish you success.

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Yahoo Store: The Best E-commerce Platform for SEO

Written by Scott Smigler

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Bottom line: I’m convinced that Yahoo Store platform isrepparttar most conducive for garnering high search engine placement primarily because of this feature but also because of additional complimentary optimizations you can make to your Yahoo Store.

Other Important Features/Benefits Include:

Site-Wide Variables: Make a change once in a user-friendly environment, and have it take effect throughout your entire site

A large and experienced public company (Yahoo) hosting your site: 1 in 8 e-commerce websites are hosted onrepparttar 140176 Yahoo Store / Yahoo Merchant Solutions platform. Presumably, hundreds of millions of dollars in online sales are transacted onrepparttar 140177 Yahoo platform each year. Yahoo has too much to lose to approachrepparttar 140178 hosting of e-commerce stores lightly. As a result, I’m confident they haverepparttar 140179 resources and commitment to ensurerepparttar 140180 highest possible uptime for your site. In 6 years, I can’t remember a client’s store going offline.

24x7 Customer Support: This speaks for itself. Many small e-commerce platforms (especially custom e-commerce solutions) don’t come with free 24x7 support.

A large selection of independent professionals to support you Many companies throughoutrepparttar 140181 country specialize in customizing Yahoo Stores for their clients (better designs, better features, etc). The fact thatrepparttar 140182 Yahoo Store solution is so well supported makes it a truly compelling choice.

What’srepparttar 140183 biggest downside to a Yahoo Store?

You don’t have access torepparttar 140184 source code. While you can customize 99% of a Yahoo Store, you can’t customize all of it. This rarely becomes a problem, even for larger stores, but you should be aware that there are some things you might like to do with your Yahoo Store that you simply won’t be able to do.

How can I take advantage of Yahoo Store?

Assemblerepparttar 140185 right team of professionals to help you. You’ll need:

1. An online marketing specialist

2. A Yahoo Store Developer/Designer

3. A Good Travel Agent

With allrepparttar 140186 business you and your company are about to do, you’ll be able to afford (and maybe need) to take more frequent vacations.


I’ve evaluated dozens of alternatives, but I’ve found nothing that can hold a candle to Yahoo Store. That said, I remember years ago, before I understoodrepparttar 140187 power ofrepparttar 140188 Yahoo platform, a prospective client asked me aboutrepparttar 140189 Yahoo solution. No offense torepparttar 140190 folks at Yahoo, but I figured it was a Mickey Mouse, template-based, mass-market solution that was not worth considering. It’s a good thing that I’m an open-minded person, because once I tookrepparttar 140191 time to properly evaluaterepparttar 140192 software, I recognized its true potential.

Bottom line: There is no better way to achieve your sales objectives than combiningrepparttar 140193 robustness ofrepparttar 140194 Yahoo Store solution withrepparttar 140195 power of search engines to drive qualified prospects to your site.


Scott Smigler has been an evangelist for a serious, ROI-based focus on the online channel since he founded Exclusive Concepts ( in 1997. Exclusive Concepts provides integrated online marketing strategies, brand consulting, search engine marketing campaigns and results-oriented web sites.

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