The Day Newsweek Bungled

Written by Nathaniel Quest

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The Newsweek writers responsible forrepparttar article obviously didn't checkrepparttar 138614 authenticity ofrepparttar 138615 report, sincerepparttar 138616 report had been found eventually to be baseless and untrue. They relied too much onrepparttar 138617 knowledgeability of their government source.

The utter lack of sensitivity is alsorepparttar 138618 problem here. Even ifrepparttar 138619 report was true,repparttar 138620 weekly magazine shouldn't have mentioned it inrepparttar 138621 article. And if they have really gotten hold of such a report, they should have alertedrepparttar 138622 government against such offensive and dangerous practice byrepparttar 138623 military. The U.S. government has been trying it's best to project a good image withinrepparttar 138624 Muslim world in its bid to curtail insurgencies in troubled Iraq and Afghanistan. But alas,repparttar 138625 Newsweek article is a big blow to its campaign. It will take months, perhaps years, and a lot of diplomatic kowtowing to undo what has been done. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice would probably have to go back to Iraq secretly again to appease our Muslim brothers in that region.

I wonder, however, sincerepparttar 138626 report has already been found to be untrue, where didrepparttar 138627 idea ofrepparttar 138628 Koran being flushed down come from?

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Love and Life Lessons

Written by Ryan Fyfe

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I've started to see in my life that as I open up to love people, it's amazing at how things have changed in my. I heard this story of a girl walking home from school, terribly depressed and down on life. Ready to commit suicide when she arrives home, as she has just had enough. A classmate who had never spoken to her, comes up and asks if he can carry her books, and walk with her. Coles notes version is that because ofrepparttar Love expressed by that boy, she didn't commit suicide and found new meaning in her life. We think of saving lives as firefighters and police officers. What about that boy? Is he a lifesaver? He didn't boldy enter a burning building or stop a fire. He simply just tookrepparttar 138288 time to love.

My first response was andrepparttar 138289 one that I hear from most people is: I'm too busy, or I love enough already. I'd say if you honestly answer those questions you'd haverepparttar 138290 same response as I have. I'm not too busy. I just manage my time badly. I'm ridingrepparttar 138291 bus anyways. Why not loverepparttar 138292 guy sitting next to me. I love enough already. There is never a time or a place in your life that you will love enough.


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