The Day My 10th Board Exam Results were announced

Written by Vijay Chidambaram

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You see, in my school, they have already given me a seat forrepparttar 11th standard, based on my good performance throughoutrepparttar 118263 year (I study fairly well). So all I have to do is maintainrepparttar 118264 marks I secured in my school inrepparttar 118265 Board exam. It seems only I understand this... I am gradually converting my parents to this view…

Imagine this painful scenario. A geust, whom I am meeting forrepparttar 118266 first time, comes to my house. The minute he finds out that I have just finished tenth standard, he will ask for my marks. I will tell him thatrepparttar 118267 total is 974. Immediately he will ask me if it is 974/1000. I have to painfully remind him that it is 974/1100. Then he will ask whyrepparttar 118268 mark is not higher and then he will lecture me …. And I have met him forrepparttar 118269 first time!!!

So I see, this is why, after my results come out, it is going to be very painfall for me for a few weeks…. Gradually, due torepparttar 118270 great healer, time, people will forget about me and my marks… and I can continue my life.

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The Reinvention of FUN and loss of STRESS.

Written by Malcolm Pugh

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Was born in 1952, originally a civil engineer, then 25 years systems programming. played like mad, worked like mad. Now only the mad survives

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