The Dawn On The Nile Valley "Has" Secrets To Tell!

Written by Khalid Osman

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They have committed a well known political crimes not againstrepparttar Darfurian andrepparttar 142248 Southern people only, but againstrepparttar 142249 Northern people as well.

Ifrepparttar 142250 memories are too bad to remember, go a head and search forrepparttar 142251 political crimes committed byrepparttar 142252 first dictatorial regime inrepparttar 142253 Sudanese modern history during 1959-1964. Then of those committed duringrepparttar 142254 second dictatorial regime during 1969-1985.

Then come torepparttar 142255 worse and worse of those who are ruling now since 1989.

Then you probably will know who makesrepparttar 142256 devil itself a devil!

Ifrepparttar 142257 memories are too weak,repparttar 142258 history is not.

The rebels are not innocent too. Just go torepparttar 142259 jungle there and investigate; and do more investigation in Eritrea too.

The dawn will come with great stories forrepparttar 142260 new Sudanese generation to read and take leasons.

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Me and Mao Tse-Tung!

Written by Khalid Osman

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So, whenrepparttar headmaster heardrepparttar 142225 music, saw who was dancing there and fixed his eyes on Mao Tse-Tung on my chest, he got crazy enough to pull Mao until my T-Shirt came into pieces on his fat hand.

I was not afraid at all although he gathered allrepparttar 142226 school next morning to lecturerepparttar 142227 students about that event and to punch us. He slashed everyone of us very hard 30 times in front of allrepparttar 142228 students.

It was happened inrepparttar 142229 second turn of what they call democracy in Sudan!

So, for this reason and other logical political points I say: Sudan knows no democracy since what's so called independence!

We've got up to this moment right there two political categories consist of: 1- The Military Dictatorship! and 2- The Civil Dictatorship!

And sincerepparttar 142230 Civil Dictatorship built up its mechanical majority dependent onrepparttar 142231 climate of illiteracy, it still influencesrepparttar 142232 very simple and traditionally Muslim Sudanese people by an alleged Islamic emotions.

So it gaverepparttar 142233 army its "climax" three times to bring those militant adventuerers to power. The army took over power not to correct this situation but to be more and aggressively fundamentalist.

Nowadaysrepparttar 142234 third military dictatorial regime playsrepparttar 142235 political game very wise, by importingrepparttar 142236 same Islamic emotions and using it againstrepparttar 142237 innocent Sudanese people, its neighbors andrepparttar 142238 World.

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