The Database Design Alalysis - Business perspective

Written by Alf Pedersen

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Top business experience is required inrepparttar analysis team in order to get in-depth understanding ofrepparttar 107762 business itself.

Remember: Our model, at this stage in development, must reflectrepparttar 107763 business, not some constraints given by any tool or personal preferences. This happens all too often and usually with not-to-good results.

Inrepparttar 107764 analysis team,repparttar 107765 system analysts must have an expert level knowledge of business modeling. By business modeling, I mean exactly that. I do not mean expert knowledge of f.i. Entity Relationship modeling without relating it torepparttar 107766 real world. However good a person may be educated, nothing beatsrepparttar 107767 experience earned from several similar tasks atrepparttar 107768 equivalent level of complexity. How does one gain experience then? Participate under a tutor. I would never hire a consultant without experience and trust her to understandrepparttar 107769 complexity of my business, all by herself.

I will not go into detail as torepparttar 107770 total project staff is composed. This will depend on many outside factors, such as degree of participation from each party, size ofrepparttar 107771 project, formal requirements (public sector tends to require at higher level of project staffing, partly due to rigorous documentation requirements), etc. What we focus on isrepparttar 107772 tightly performing party that determinesrepparttar 107773 final business model: The experts onrepparttar 107774 business together withrepparttar 107775 system analysts, preferably more than one in this phase.

Due torepparttar 107776 increasing complexity that tends to be taken into systems development, I cannot imagine a development project of any noticeable size that should not use a development tool as support forrepparttar 107777 analysis team as well as for each stage other of development. I regardrepparttar 107778 tool(s) chosen as an integral part ofrepparttar 107779 team. In many cases,repparttar 107780 tool is alsorepparttar 107781 communicator betweenrepparttar 107782 business andrepparttar 107783 analyst. I have often started a project by going throughrepparttar 107784 way we communicate with each other. In my experience,repparttar 107785 business soon finds Entity Relationship diagrams familiar, if not as familiar as torepparttar 107786 system analysts. However, they are a means of communication that work. The same may be said for function diagrams, or function hierarchies. They are even easier to understand for a non-system person.

That is whyrepparttar 107787 eBook on ‘Entity Relationship Modeling – Principles’ is inrepparttar 107788 writing, and soon will be published on this site as a free eBook, which you are free to use in your ongoing or upcoming projects.

As for choice of modeling tool, I give no concrete recommendations: I have used Oracle Designer (formerly Oracle CASE*Method) forrepparttar 107789 last 15 years, and I have found it to be a powerful and rich system, which delivers in many more areas than I have needed to use it for. I am probably a little biased here.

However, a toolset should include reusable objects: The results fromrepparttar 107790 analysis phase should berepparttar 107791 basis for generating tables and all other database objects for use inrepparttar 107792 design phase, as well as functions should be used for generating candidate modules. Furthermore,repparttar 107793 database objects and candidate modules should be used to generaterepparttar 107794 DDL (Data Definition Language) scripts for physically building allrepparttar 107795 elements ofrepparttar 107796 database, as well asrepparttar 107797 candidate modules should be used to generate running program modules. Not that I expect a system to be 100% generated – far from it. However, with such functionality you could show a prototype, which illustratedrepparttar 107798 resulting, needed functionality, but withoutrepparttar 107799 last finishing touch orrepparttar 107800 most advanced business constraints built into it.

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The author has spent the last 15 years as a system analyst in manufacturing, government, private corporations and broadcasting, performing database analysis and design, based on Oracle Designer and Developer tools.

Which TLD

Written by Clare Lawrence

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If you do use keywords in your domain name – remember to be careful of trademark issues.

A good source of recent discussions on this topic is Webmasterworld:-

You might also want to keep an eye on Google Answers , this is a paid service where researchers answers questions on a range of topics including search engines.

If your preferred TLD domain name has been taken by a rival then it is clearly still worth using a different TLD particularly your own regional one.

Duplicate domains

Be careful of having duplicate content on different domain names, as this is seen as “spamming” by Google and can lead you to being penalised or even banned on Google.

Google’s quality guidelines specifically state – Don’t create multiple pages, sub-domains, or domains with substantially duplicate content.

You can however register multiple domain names and use a 301 redirect. Such redirects are recognised as being completely valid.

Protecting your Brand

If you are building a brand it is often good practice to purchase allrepparttar TLD’s for your name, once a domain name is registered it can’t be transferred without your permission. If you add web-forwarding to each one ofrepparttar 107761 domain names other than your main site then what ever your customers enters as a TLD they will still find you.

This will also help to protect you against unscrupulous rivals who may register a domain name withrepparttar 107762 intention of capturing traffic from your site.

Looking for more advice?

We have built up an article bank on our site – many fromrepparttar 107763 leading specialists in each field, please feel free to browse them The articles cover domain names, web hosting, SEO (Search engine optimisation), e-marketing and much more.


There is no evidence that any preference is given to TLD by search engines, though your choice of TLD name may be influenced by your plans for it.


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Domain name registration services. Please feel free to re-publish this article provided this reference box remains together with a hyperlink to


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