The Dangers of Canine Parasites

Written by Rose Smith

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Roundworms are another common parasite most often found in puppies. The worms are usually heavy-bodied and grow to about 6" in length.

Infection usually occurs as larvae that have lain dormant in an adult female dog are reactivated whenrepparttar female dog becomes pregnant. The larvae begin to migrate through repparttar 144964 placenta torepparttar 144965 liver ofrepparttar 144966 fetus. They also will migrate torepparttar 144967 mammary glands ofrepparttar 144968 mother, so thatrepparttar 144969 puppies can also become infected while nursing.

The time from roundworm larvae infection torepparttar 144970 adult stage is about 27 days. Most roundworms live about 4 months inrepparttar 144971 puppy and are usually expelled byrepparttar 144972 natural immune system ofrepparttar 144973 puppy before 6 months of age.

So, if puppies naturally expel these parasites, how do adult dogs end up with them? The adult dog ingests them by eating some food supply that containrepparttar 144974 larvae.


Another very common worm isrepparttar 144975 tapeworm. This worm lives inrepparttar 144976 intestines of both dogs and cats. The worm is transmitted by fleas. When a dog or cat has fleas, they will naturally ingestrepparttar 144977 tapeworm while grooming. The tapeworm then makes its way torepparttar 144978 intestine.

There are usually no noticeable symptoms forrepparttar 144979 most part, although sometimes your dog may show some stomach upsets, diarrhea or just seems somewhat lethargic. You can often tell if your pet has tapeworms by finding small, whitish worm segments that look like small grains of rice underrepparttar 144980 tail of your pet or on its bedding. Also, you dog may begin "scooting" their rear end along repparttar 144981 floor because of irritation. It takes approximately three weeks fromrepparttar 144982 time your dog ingestsrepparttar 144983 flea until you begin to see tapeworm segments.

Although not generally harmful to an animals health, tapeworms are certainly something you'll want to rid your dog of. One ofrepparttar 144984 first treatments for tapeworms is to begin a program of flea control treatment program for your pet andrepparttar 144985 immediate environment of your house and yard.

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“Toby” – My Whirling Twirling Sheltie

Written by Bonnie P. Carrier

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I’m also kept informed of anything that happens to be going on - ringing phone, Squirrels inrepparttar yard, passing cars and trucks, timer onrepparttar 144858 oven going off.

You may be wondering why I titled this story My Whirling Twirling Sheltie.

For those of you lucky enough to share your lives with these gorgeous little dogs, you already knowrepparttar 144859 answer. For those of you not familiar with Shelties here is why.

Shelties are very happy, vocal, lovable dogs that smile – yes, they smile – because of this they get excited about almost everything, when this happens they spin around in circles.

It’s really amazing to watch; you wonder sometimes how it is that they don’t bang into something or why they don’t fall over from being dizzy. This trait is so common it’s even got a name “The Sheltie Spin”.

If you are considering getting a puppy, check out these fantastic bundles of fluff.

They are compact in size, extremely intelligent, they love to learn and pick up new commands quite fast.

However in my opinion their best quality is their loyalty, their love is so unconditional; it really is a wonderful thing.

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Bonnie P. Carrier is the creator of Savvy Home Decorating & Savvy Outdoor Decorating. She is the mother to two grown daughters and a very spoiled 4yr old Blue Merle Sheltie named Toby. Stop by for information and ideas for both inside and outside your home.

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