The Dancer's Secret -- A Short Horse Story

Written by Randall Holman

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move again, but this time it was much slower and seemed more meaningful. Soonrepparttar others were bobbing their heads and moving to something unheard. It wasrepparttar 141091 music of their souls. The girl sped up her dance, leaving all ofrepparttar 141092 others to dance their own rhythm. Soonrepparttar 141093 girl was dancing so hard torepparttar 141094 music inside of her that she suddenly stopped and began to run. Blood thumped in her temples and her gorgeous hair flowed back away from her face. Her long sleek body seemed to move withrepparttar 141095 wind, and her feet withrepparttar 141096 earth. The girl ran and ran, and when she got torepparttar 141097 top of her favorite hill she stopped. Her breathing came harshly, making her nostrils flare for air. She smiled and took a minute to grasprepparttar 141098 beauty around her. The smell of wild flowers hung in her nostrils, andrepparttar 141099 earth cuddled her feet. Inrepparttar 141100 near distance she spotted a small forest and hundreds of night creatures lurking about. Quickly she turned around to look atrepparttar 141101 others. Their music was still playing within their bodies. The girl was satisfied. Once again she had taught to listen not only to your mind but also torepparttar 141102 music,repparttar 141103 real music that plays inside of you.

The girl began to laugh. This was no ordinary laugh though -- it was a laugh that was a slightly haunting and scary. Her eyes sparkled and she laughed on. Once again she had gotten away with her secret. Once again she had done something all ofrepparttar 141104 others said she couldn't do. The girl reared up in triumph, showing off her glimmering hoofs and long mane. A long whinny rose from her throat and she galloped home.

The dancer's secret was revealed...

Randall Holman, site owner of Front Range Frenzy and horse enthusiast, is the author of this short story. You can find easy and practical basic horse care information on his website:

Can Your Pet Be Really So Picky?

Written by Julia Imaeva

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Just as I was about to give up and thinking that maybe she doesn’t need or want anyone as a roommate, I gave it one last try. I brought home a younger male cat that was as black as she was. Despite his smaller size and obvious fear of her, he tried to look brave by showing off in a way that is typical for cats. He was trying to intimidate her by walking towards her sideways with an arched back inrepparttar attempt to look bigger. She just watched his “performance” for a while but eventually just started to ignore him as if she was embarrassed for him. It wasn’t long before she accepted him and even acted as good hostess.

Their temperament and personalities are very but they still get along very well. For instance, Regina is a very balanced and quite cat, very gentle and loves to eat. Casey, onrepparttar 140975 other hand can be very hyper and restless, a hooligan, to sayrepparttar 140976 least like all boys in general. They sleep together duringrepparttar 140977 days, play and beg for snacks. Sometimes Regina even tries to teach him how to open drawers andrepparttar 140978 refrigerator door, but he acquired his own little hobbies now such as meowing at 7am every morning, waking everyone up inrepparttar 140979 house demanding food and to be let outside.

My “racist” Regina finally met her dear friend/roommate named Casey.

Julia Imaeva is a writer for Helpful Home Ideas. Please include an active link to this site if you'd like to reprint this article.

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