The Crisis Of Modernity

Written by Len McNally

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Mentoring managers through a process that I sometimes refer to as "directed introspection" in order to expose attitudes and prejudices can often produce startling results. Knowing where we are starting from does not in and of itself guarantee that we will arrive at our desired destination (on time and within budget) but not knowing weightsrepparttar odds heavily against us. I believe that if we want to go somewhere we must first know who we are and where we are. When we knowrepparttar 140677 starting point, personally and professionally, in regard to ourselves, our people and our company we are more likely to have a clear picture of where we want to go, how to get there and what must change en route.

I believe that as many people as possible in an organization should be involved inrepparttar 140678 process of creating statements of Vision, Mission, Purpose, Values, and Goals. When people have had a hand inrepparttar 140679 creation, buy in to do what ever is necessary to get results is almost automatic. When these guiding principles are understood by everyone fromrepparttar 140680 "Ivory Tower" allrepparttar 140681 way torepparttar 140682 Shop Floor everyone knows where we are going, why we are going there and what we have to do to get there. They also knowrepparttar 140683 down side of not going there and of not participating inrepparttar 140684 process. Is notrepparttar 140685 search for heaven made more intense byrepparttar 140686 awareness of hell? In addition, when everyone understands his or her WIIFM, (What's In It For Me) getting results is like picking low hanging fruit.

Vision must be followed by a plan

Strategic planning can be an arduous (but exhilarating) process. Often a three day retreat with an outside facilitator isrepparttar 140687 only way to getrepparttar 140688 concentrated focus,repparttar 140689 brainstorming, necessary to initiaterepparttar 140690 process. We must examine all aspects ofrepparttar 140691 organization, physical and human resources, management skills and needs, culture, attitudes, market place, industry, supplier relations, customer relations, government regulations, labour agreements, etc., etc. We have to remember that Rome was not built in a day. If we are looking for instant gratification we will surely be disappointed.

When we have suspended our doubts and fears, set aside our memories of past failure, forgotten our prejudices, examined our strengths and planned to enhance them, seen in our minds eyerepparttar 140692 potential within ourselves and our organization, created a vision in which we believe, we will become advocates for our organization and evangelists forrepparttar 140693 realization of that vision.

Vision is a powerful driving force

Once we are overrepparttar 140694 initial hurdle we will be driven byrepparttar 140695 power of our vision forrepparttar 140696 future. A clearly articulated vision coupled to a specific plan of action for its attainment (including target dates for each step), and a firm commitment to that action, is an unstoppable combination. YES, it will require perseverance, dedication and hard work; and YES, it will be extremely satisfying!

Effecting organizational and personal change is never a cake walk but learningrepparttar 140697 basics of how to set goals and create plans with specific, time sensitive action steps for their achievement can be learned in only a few hours. When coupled to powerful statements of Vision, Mission, Purpose, and Values, and a well-organized coaching, mentoring and measurement process,repparttar 140698 pain is minimal whilerepparttar 140699 results are huge!

Coaching As A Leadership Development Tool

You will likely find that most effective Corporate Coaches have a similar approach. We help to develop Leadership and Change Management Skills through Executive and Corporate Coaching and Management Team Building. Here at The Leadership Centre for example, we state: "We help managers to understand their greatest strengths and to build on them, to recognize and utilizerepparttar 140700 strengths of others, to create and articulate a vision of what can be, and to devise, implement and takerepparttar 140701 specific action steps required to bring that vision to life."

If we can change our beliefs, we can changerepparttar 140702 world. And we can change our beliefs.

Peter F. Drucker once wrote, "Management is seeing that things get done, Leadership is seeing thatrepparttar 140703 right things get done." Leadership pervades every aspect of business life, it'srepparttar 140704 one quality that must be there before anything else can happen. Coaching at an organizational level can produce dramatic improvements to leadership and will often produce bottom line results far in excess of anything I would ever promise.

Aside from huge bottom line results you should expect:

Less Stress - for everyoneA happy, more relaxed work environment Reduced employee turnover Reduced absenteeism Increased productivityImproved labour relations Improved customer relations Improved supplier relations Improved personal lives {this took me by surprise when I first began to see it!}

Like most effective coaches in fact, if we don't seerepparttar 140705 potential for huge gains in many of these areas, we won't issue a proposal to work with you! We don't work cheap and we won't settle for minuscule results!

A Free Do it yourself - get started kit

If you would like to do your own analysis of your needs we will be glad to e-mail a questionnaire that will help you to look objectively at your self, at other executives and at your organization. Simply click Here and we will respond within 48 hours -- no obligation of course. If you are seriously looking at Executive or Corporate Coaching as a management tool, this may help you better understand what you are really looking for.

Len McNally is President and founder (in 1996) of The Leadership Centre, dedicated to leadership development, management team building and change management through executive and corporate coaching - from the top floor to the shop floor. He can be reached at (519) 759-1127 or email: Other articles may be seen at:

Ten Ways To Improve Your Customer Service

Written by Dan Brown

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7. Give your customers more than they expect. Send thank you gifts to lifetime customers. E-mail them online greeting cards on holidays or birthdays. Award bonuses to your customers who make a big purchase.

8. Always be polite to your customers. Userepparttar words your welcome, please, and thank you. Be polite to your customers even if they are being irate with you. Always apologize to your customers should you make a mistake. Admit your mistakes quickly and make it up to them in a big way.

9. Reward customers a point for every one dollar they spend. Let's say customers can get a free computer for 300 points. That means customers will spend $300 dollars on your products and services to get enough points to getrepparttar 140455 free computer.

10. Build strong relationships with your customers. Invite them to company meetings, luncheons, workshops or seminars. Create special events for your customers like parties, barbecue's, dances etc. This will make them feel important when you include them in regular business operations and special events.

Author Dan Brown has been active in internet marketing for the past 4 years. Dan currently is working with the Zabang search engine introducing their new affiliate program, which is due out July, 2005. Zabang

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