The Craps Underground - A Review

Written by Thomas Morgan aka The Irishsetter

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Now we get torepparttar "A and E Special." It's my opinion thatrepparttar 116288 truth lies somewhere between what was broadcast by A and E, what has been written onrepparttar 116289 various web sites, and what is written in this book aboutrepparttar 116290 special. What Scoblete wants you to believe is that A and E decided not to broadcastrepparttar 116291 footage of allrepparttar 116292 winning sessions that actually occurred. This despiterepparttar 116293 fact thatrepparttar 116294 A and E special was basically a feel-good piece. The funny thing aboutrepparttar 116295 A and E special is thatrepparttar 116296 dicecoach, who wasrepparttar 116297 main focus, invited Frank Scoblete to join him. (Scoblete then invited several other folks. What a guy!) Remember how they'd become "friends" during their marathon craps shoot several months earlier? It seems that 'ole Scoblete is beginning to have a change of heart again. You see, Scoblete inrepparttar 116298 A and E chapter elaborates these wonderful stories aboutrepparttar 116299 GTC folks involved, but basically trashes everyone else who is not involved with GTC likerepparttar 116300 dicecoach, Soft Touch, and Hardways.

Blah, blah, blah. A couple more chapters not even worth mentioning.

Ah...finally we're heading torepparttar 116301 conclusion ofrepparttar 116302 book. Scoblete closesrepparttar 116303 book with his Las Vegas Diary. This portion ofrepparttar 116304 book was published on his site several months back, so I was familiar with this part already. I'll give yourepparttar 116305 long and short of his 15 day diary here. Frank wins. Frank says wonderful things aboutrepparttar 116306 various GTC folks he plays with. Frank says nasty things about various other people he comes across. They lament that Treasure Island isn't as friendly as it used to be. Boo-hoo-hoo. Frank and his playing partners lose, but miraculously have a comeback! Heard this before? What is really interesting aboutrepparttar 116307 diary is how Scoblete trashes dicecoach, again. Remember, inrepparttar 116308 opening ofrepparttar 116309 book, Frank and Beau are "newfound friends." Now, just a year later, here are just a few things that Scoblete now has to say about dicecoach. When asked if Frank knewrepparttar 116310 dicecoach, he replied,

"No, no" and "I barely know him."

Apparently he doesn't even haverepparttar 116311 cojones to refer to Beau by his name or his moniker at this point. Throughoutrepparttar 116312 diary he refers to him now as "Crapsguy" and basically lays blame on Beau for whatever heat they experience inrepparttar 116313 casino. Frank writes,

"Some GTC members had a theory thatrepparttar 116314 Crapsguy,repparttar 116315 freelance dice-control instructor, had been too public, aggressive and up-front atrepparttar 116316 tables about what he was doing..."

This coming fromrepparttar 116317 Scoblete is a hoot! He goes on to say,

"even when GTC did our course at Sam's Town in Tunica we were laid back atrepparttar 116318 tables and never talked about dice control or handed our business cards acrossrepparttar 116319 table to drum up new business asrepparttar 116320 Crapsguy is wont to do."

Again, from Scoblete's pen, this is a riot. I mean, he's holding a seminar in a casino for Pete's sake and he complaining aboutrepparttar 116321 dicecoach handing out his business card? Besides, just a few pages earlier inrepparttar 116322 book, Scoblete had elaboratedrepparttar 116323 following story which occurred atrepparttar 116324 Green Valley Ranch crap tables.

"..a dealer at Sunset Station, who likes to play at Green Valley Ranch, complimented me on my style. I gave him one of our Craps Club Black Chips with our phone number, and whispered to him if he was interested in learning how to roll like that give us a call."

So, Frank will deride you for behavior that he himself exhibits. Hmmm. What's that saying? Oh yeah. Pot - Kettle - Black.

I wonder how Beaurepparttar 116325 dicecoach would have been portrayed inrepparttar 116326 The Craps Underground had he accepted GTC's invitation to join their organization. You think perhaps THAT had something to do with Frank's change of heart, from "friend" to "the Crapsguy?"

Basically,repparttar 116327 book in a nutshell is this. 70% ofrepparttar 116328 book is an infomercial for GTC. 20% ofrepparttar 116329 book is various trip reports. Don't worry. The few sessions which aren't profitable for Scoblete? Just read on, a miraculous comeback is in store. The final 10% ofrepparttar 116330 book isrepparttar 116331 subtle trashing of anyone who is not involved with GTC or a member ofrepparttar 116332 GTC flock.

If you readrepparttar 116333 jacket cover ofrepparttar 116334 book, and anything else Scoblete writes for that matter, it says,

"Frank Scoblete isrepparttar 116335 number-one best-selling gaming author in America.."

If that's true, and people really do think Scoblete has something to say, well, then, my mother was right when she said,

"Never underestimaterepparttar 116336 power of stupid people in large groups."

Thomas is the webmaster of and is widely recognized in the gambling community as an expert in dice influencing.

Rabbit Coat Colour Genetics

Written by Sarah Giers

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b: Brown - The rabbit is brown based, meaningrepparttar base colour is chocolate or lilac.


"C" isrepparttar 116287 next "letter". This "letter" tellsrepparttar 116288 rabbit whether or not to have red colouring, as well as how deep and darkrepparttar 116289 base colouring is. The genes are as follows:

C: Full Colour - The red colouration ofrepparttar 116290 fur is full expressed, andrepparttar 116291 base colouring is also fully expressed.

c(chd): Chinchilla Dark - All red colouration is removed fromrepparttar 116292 coat, butrepparttar 116293 base colouring is still fully expressed.

c(chl): Chinchilla Light - All red colouration is removed fromrepparttar 116294 coat, andrepparttar 116295 base colouring is lightened, causing darker shading aroundrepparttar 116296 head, ears, tail, feet, and legs.

c(h): Californian - All red colouration is removed, andrepparttar 116297 base colouration is restricted torepparttar 116298 nose, ears, feet, legs, and tail. The eyes are red.

c: Albino - All colour is restricted, leaving a pure white rabbit with red eyes.


Next inrepparttar 116299 genetics alphabet is "D". This "letter" determines how much pigment is in each hair shaft. The less pigment there is,repparttar 116300 lighterrepparttar 116301 colour is. The genes are as follows:

D: Dense - Full amount of pigment

d: Dilute - The pigment is less, causingrepparttar 116302 colour to look diluted.


The "letter" "E" controlsrepparttar 116303 banding, or colour rings (remember in agoutis where you can seerepparttar 116304 rings when you blow intorepparttar 116305 coat?) of a rabbit. The genes are as follows:

E(s): Steel - The undercolour is extended and "takes over"repparttar 116306 colour, leaving a mostly solid coloured rabbit with some gold or silver tipped hairs.

E: Full-Extension - The rabbit has normal colour, andrepparttar 116307 bands are not disturbed.

e(j): Japanese - This takesrepparttar 116308 bands and actually seperatesrepparttar 116309 band colour into different hair shafts. This is how Tricolourr and Harlequin are produced.

e: Non-Extension - There is no colour extension, leaving only what would berepparttar 116310 intermediate band in a normal coloured rabbit. This is how Oranges, Frosed Pearls, and Tortoises are produced.


The "En" "letter" controls a different type of pattern. The genes are as follows:

En English Spotting - The rabbit is white with coloured spots.

en: Solid - The rabbit has no spots.


"V" isrepparttar 116311 next "letter" inrepparttar 116312 genetic alphabet, and for most breeds, no more ofrepparttar 116313 alphabet is needed to knowrepparttar 116314 variety. This tells whether or notrepparttar 116315 rabbit is a Blue Eyed White.

V: Non-Vienna - Normal coloured rabbit.

v: Vienna - Blue Eyed White.


This "letter" is rarely included inrepparttar 116316 genotype because it is not very important in most varieties, though all varieties DO use it.

W: Non-Wideband - Normal colouring.

w: Wideband - The red colour becomes very intense,repparttar 116317 intermediate band widens, andrepparttar 116318 red colour "takes over" all tan pattern and agouti markings so that instead of being cream or white, they are red.


This "letter" is another that is rarely included inrepparttar 116319 genotype. All non-silver rabbits do not need this included in their genotype in order to letrepparttar 116320 viewer know thatrepparttar 116321 rabbit is not silver.

Si: No-Silver - Normal colouring.

si: Silver - Silver-white hairs are scattered throughoutrepparttar 116322 normal colouring.


This "letter" is usually only used when refering torepparttar 116323 breeds Dutch, Dwarf Hotot, and Hotot.

Du: Non-Dutch - Normal colouring.

du(d): Dutch Dark - Dutch markings, mostly coloured rather than white.

du(w): Dutch White - Dutch markings, mostly white rather than coloured.


In order to have a full knowledge ofrepparttar 116324 variety of a rabbit, just by looking atrepparttar 116325 genotype, a full genotype, using all of these loci. For example, a Chestnut Agouti would be denoted as A_ B_ C_ D_ E_ enen V_ W_ Si_ Du_. The spaces just mean that a recessive gene could be there, hidden byrepparttar 116326 dominant gene. However, most people know thatrepparttar 116327 shortened form ofrepparttar 116328 genotype, A_ B_ C_ D_ E_ enen, also means Chesntut Agouti.

Breeder and exhibitor of show rabbits for 11 years, member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association, and fan of all animals.

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