The Core: Movie Review

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

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Written by Cooper Layne & John Rogers, directed by Jon Amiel and brought to you by Paramount Pictures, The Core is a prophetic depiction of modern-day earth changes and humanity's restoration of hope. See a Preview of The Core:

The Core is rated PG-13 and is available on DVD and VHS. An invigorating film, I rate this movie 4 stars.

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How to set up the perfect billiards room

Written by Reno Charlton

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Lighting is another very important consideration, and this can make all ofrepparttar difference torepparttar 110003 look and atmosphere of your billiards room. You can select from a wide choice of billiard room lighting, such as swag & bar lights or stained glass lights. Again,repparttar 110004 choice is your and should depend uponrepparttar 110005 rest of your décor. It is important to also consider wall lighting as well as lighting for above your billiards table. In addition torepparttar 110006 wall and table lights, you can add neon signs torepparttar 110007 walls, which will add a really great touch and authentic atmosphere to your billiards room.

Why have a billiards room?

There are many ways in which a billiards room could enhance your home and your life. If you enjoy a game of pool down atrepparttar 110008 local bar, then having access to your very own billiards room will be a dream come true. You can invite your friends round to play a game or two, and make your billiards room in to a real entertainment center forrepparttar 110009 whole family. Some great reasons for having your own billiards room include:

• Spending more time withrepparttar 110010 family: It’s not always easy to get quality time withrepparttar 110011 family, and there aren’t all that many places in whichrepparttar 110012 whole family can get together and enjoy themselves without paying a fortune. Your new billiards room will providerepparttar 110013 perfect environment, where you, your partner,repparttar 110014 kids, and even granny can relax and enjoyrepparttar 110015 atmosphere, fun and relaxing ambience that will surround you.

• Givingrepparttar 110016 kids access to some fun: Most kids live to play games like pool, but generally can’t get into bars and play like adults can! If you want to give your kids something to do, and you would rather they were at home inrepparttar 110017 evenings rather than wanderingrepparttar 110018 streets, your billiards room isrepparttar 110019 perfect solutions. Your kids can invite their friends around from time to time, and they will all be thrilled to spend time in your cool billiards room.

• Enjoying beingrepparttar 110020 host and entertainer: If you like to have friends around, thenrepparttar 110021 billiard room will be a fantastic addition to your home. Having dinner parties will never berepparttar 110022 same again, and you can all retire torepparttar 110023 billiards room for a few games, a couple of drinks, and to listen to some music. You can even enjoy a few pre-dinner games – and even if you’re not inviting friends around for dinner, they will be delighted to come around simply for a game of pool and a couple of beers.

• Increaserepparttar 110024 value of your property: A well designed games room could really add value to your property, as these rooms are becoming more and more popular. People like nothing more than having a space in which they can relax and enjoy themselves, forgetting about everyday hassles, and this is what you will be giving them with a billiards room.

Enjoy your new billiard room

Once you have got your billiard room fully kitted out and decorated, you will be ready to reaprepparttar 110025 rewards with years of fun and relaxation with family, friends, even alone. You can use your new billiards room to entertain, enjoy quality time with others, brush up on your billiards skills, enablerepparttar 110026 kids to learn how to play, and to have a great time withrepparttar 110027 important people in your life.

Billiards is a universally popular game, and people won’t fail to be impressed with your fantastic new billiards room. This will be a place where you can get away from it all – no more having to slope off torepparttar 110028 local bar for a couple of beers and a game or two; you can simply go to your billiard room and enjoy a game whenever you want to. You could even have a well-stocked mini-fridge in your billiard room filled with beers or soft drinks, so you can enjoy a cold drink as you play a relaxing game of pool.

Reno Charlton is an experienced freelance copywriter and an award-winning children’s author from the United Kingdom. You can read more of her informative articles on pool tables and billiard accessories at

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