The Complete Webmasters Toolkit - 2005 Edition

Written by John Socratous & Reneldy Senat

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Six points you got to keep in mind before exchanging links

Written by Mukesh

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4.) Place your links in Bold or Italics

A link placed in bold or italics is likely to get you more page rank than a link with a normal text. Most search engines place more weight-age to links in bold or italics.

5.) Checkrepparttar position of your link onrepparttar 131719 webpage

Links placed onrepparttar 131720 top of a web page carries more value and will help your website get more page rank thanrepparttar 131721 one placed atrepparttar 131722 bottom ofrepparttar 131723 page.

6.) Find out ifrepparttar 131724 link back partner is a link farm

Link farms are considered as bad neighborhoods and are despised by search engines. A link back to a link farm is as good as asking for trouble. Always make sure thatrepparttar 131725 website you are linking back to is credible.

Link exchange program carried out properly can increase your page rank in a major way but atrepparttar 131726 same time a careless program can lead you into trouble with your website being penalized by search engines.

Mukesh is a content developer at GoldMine Technologies and is the webmaster of the site which is an information portal.

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