The Coming Ebook Boom

Written by Paul /"the soaring/" Siegel

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3 - NO COPYRIGHT CONTROLS - The big corporations inrepparttar news, music, software and movie industries are shooting for burdensome encryption controls. Such controls will die just as earlier software encryption controls died. For those who cling to encryption controls, they may do it with software without affectingrepparttar 108480 monitor-reader.

4 - ACCEPT ALL FORMATS - The current monitor accepts all formats that do not require special reading devices. Ifrepparttar 108481 monitor-reader is effective, no special ebook readers will be needed

5 - VIEWING CONTROLS - It should have simple means for varying repparttar 108482 light,repparttar 108483 fonts, andrepparttar 108484 page size for optimum viewing in differently lighted locations.

6 - READING CONTROLS - In addition to page turning and bookmarking, it should enablerepparttar 108485 human reader to make notes and to copy and paste quotations or other ideas to other computer files.

6 - INEXPENSIVE - About $100. It may not be reachable at first. But it will happen oncerepparttar 108486 idea catches on and people buyrepparttar 108487 unit.

Once such a monitor-reader is produced,repparttar 108488 ebook world will explode andrepparttar 108489 media industries will be transformed. The monitor-reader will have allrepparttar 108490 advantages of a regular book:

> Portability

> Ease of Use

> Good Looks

plus advantages a paper book does not have:

> Vision Comfort Adjustments

> Note Taking and Excerpting

> Instantaneous Emailing to Colleagues of Excerpts

> Incorporation of Ebook into Your Computer Data Base

> Instant Hyperlinks

> Fast Acquisition through Downloads

> Easy, Fast Updating - especially useful for text books

> Inexpensive

Are you getting ready forrepparttar 108491 ebook boom? It's taking its time coming, but it will come!

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"E-Book Publishing Checklist"

Written by Milana Leshinsky

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- Use your text editor or word processing program to write your book - Spell check and re-read your book to ensure good flow - Send it to your friends to read and ask for their testimonials

Design and Assemble ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

- Choose an e-book compiler (list of most popular compilers: ) - Find good images forrepparttar interior of your e-book (try ) - Put allrepparttar 108479 files and pages together and compile into an e-book

Build a Web Site To Sell Your E-Book ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

- Put a web site together (get a free start-up guide at ) - Set up an online payment system to accept credit cards on your web site - Password-protect your e-book files - Write a sales copy - text for your web site - Add bonuses, guarantee, list benefits of your e-book

Design an E-Book Cover ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

- Do not underestimaterepparttar 108480 power of a good book cover. A great looking e-cover is known to increase sales 300% for many authors - Decide if you want to create your own e-cover or hire a professional designer - If you think you are going to write more than 1 e-book, and want to save money, getrepparttar 108481 brand new eCover Generator program which will create your book covers in minutes: ()

Time to Promote ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Depending on what your "Ultimate Goal" is, your marketing methods may vary.

- Create a free demo (or a free chapter) of your e-book and allow your visitors download it & give away to others - Set up an autoresponder to follow-up with them later to upsell your back-end product or service - Write articles, place classified ads, submit to search engines, start a newsletter, etc.

For more e-book resources such as compilers, online payment systems, idea generation tools and e-book promotion, visitrepparttar 108482 E-book Resources at

Milana Leshinsky is a full time web developer and the author of two e-books: "Create Your First Busines Web Site in 10 days" and "65 Instant Web Design Answers".

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