The Cloning Debate

Written by Peter Kennedy

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There are practical considerations torepparttar cloning debate, as well. Most medical experts believe that reproductive human cloning would not produce a health newborn. Indeed, many scientists predict that cloning would produce harmful abnormalities in a baby’s genes. Many scientists and medical practitioners welcomerepparttar 148635 advance of cloning for individual human cells. This process, called therapeutic cloning, adoptsrepparttar 148636 concept of cloning on a micro scale, to help regenerate broken or diseased body parts. Some politicians, such as Republican Senator Arlen Spector of Pennsylvania, supportrepparttar 148637 idea of therapeutic cloning.

Critics of therapeutic cloning argue thatrepparttar 148638 process should be prohibited, no matter how beneficialrepparttar 148639 practical applications may turn out to be. The most vocal critics of therapeutic cloning, mainly from religious communities, argue thatrepparttar 148640 destruction of human life, even on cellular level, is a moral offense. These cells formrepparttar 148641 beginning of human life, and humans do not haverepparttar 148642 right to destroy life in order to create life. The creation of life, they argue, should be left to God.

The cloning debate lends itself to larger questions, including: Is it immoral to recreate life artificially? Does human life really begin atrepparttar 148643 cellular level? Shouldrepparttar 148644 government interfere with scientific advances that could benefit millions of people?

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Right, Right Back At Ya!

Written by The Indy Voice

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I've come torepparttar conclusion that where I'm at in life has everything to do with my ability and I'm not going to sit around and listen torepparttar 148634 sniveling comments of a bunch of self-righteous, hypocritical, small-minded peons who have as many brain cells as I cleave from my ass when I scratch it.

Conservative dipstick: The British we're just asking for these attacks by having an open society that promotes multi-culturalism. Indy: Why don't you move to another country since you seem to hate this one so much?

No longer will I travel torepparttar 148635 library,repparttar 148636 bookstore or pick-uprepparttar 148637 newspaper because why does any of that matter. I'm going to just ignore allrepparttar 148638 so-called "facts" and tailor my arguments to appeal to all that is bad in human nature. Hell, that's exactly whatrepparttar 148639 Republicans have been doing for years and they have a lock onrepparttar 148640 Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government not to mentionrepparttar 148641 religious and corporate institutions in this country.

Conservative retard: The U.S. and Britain are fighting an away game against these terrorists so we don't have to fight them here! It is unfortunate that London has been attacked and I offer them my condolences and solidarity. Indy: I really believe thatrepparttar 148642 Conservatives, andrepparttar 148643 clergy, andrepparttar 148644 televangelists, andrepparttar 148645 segregationists andrepparttar 148646 greedy capitalists who are actively trying to make that a mainstream lifestyle,repparttar 148647 Republican party, Family Research Council—all of them who have tried to theocratize America and Britain—I pointrepparttar 148648 finger in their face and say "you helped this happen."

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