The Click Fraud Problem

Written by Christos Varsamis

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This is a huge problem. There is no "pay per click" Company denying that click fraud exists. Web analytics companies estimate thatrepparttar 50% of all click activity is fraudulent.

This means that your pay per click marketing activities are half effective as they could be because of click fraud.

Overture spokeswoman Jennifer Stephens refutes that in estimate,repparttar 148963 numbers likely represent acts of fraud that are ultimately caught. She added that Overture filters most fraudulent clicks withrepparttar 148964 best antifraud system inrepparttar 148965 industry, which combines technology and human analysis.

Most advertisers are aware ofrepparttar 148966 click-fraud issue but have not delved into it because ofrepparttar 148967 technical complexities involved. Others are concerned that they could jeopardize their relationships withrepparttar 148968 powerful search networks if they complain too loudly.

One ofrepparttar 148969 best ways to eliminate click fraud is using anti click fraud services such as ppctrax. They provide services likerepparttar 148970 below:

IP address capture. IP address geographic Location. User Agent (browser, bot etc.) See exactly what keywords are generating your clicks Date and Time stamp System detects sudden click spikes from one or more IP addresses Real-time email alerts at 80% and 100% of your account's transaction utilization IP address history - alert you to prior offenders

Another similar service is "who is clicking who". Other way isrepparttar 148971 click fraud capture software like Click Auditor.

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Internet Scams 104 -- Particularly Vicious Scams

Written by Janette Blackwell

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The scammers really, really wanted my eBay account number, but I was deleting their e-mails without clicking on their link. So they uppedrepparttar ante. Because I didnít reply,repparttar 148917 supposed ďeBay Fraud MediationĒ people stepped in and got more and more testy as I didnít supply them with my eBay account number.

I felt perfectly relaxed through all of this, not only because I got each notice in triplicate (one from each sucker list Iím on) but because I DONíT HAVE AN EBAY ACCOUNT! If I had one, I might have worried, and then donerepparttar 148918 sensible thing: GONE TO THE OFFICIAL EBAY WEBSITE AND ASKED THEM IF THEY SENT IT. My husband did that once and got a form indicating (1) they get a zillion of these things, and (2) they donít send e-mails like that. It was a scam, all right.

ēAnti-scam rule 3: eBay and other legitimate organizations are NOT going to ask you to confirm your account information in an e-mail.

ēAnti-scam rule 4: If you are not sure whether an e-mail is from a legitimate organization or is a scam, go torepparttar 148919 legitimate organizationís website (rather than clicking on a possibly infected e-mail link) and ask them if they sent it.

Coming next:repparttar 148920 most vicious scam of all.

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