The Cliché of Balance

Written by Amyn Lalji

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Balance is not a public affair. It does not reside inrepparttar public domain. It is a very personal and intimate aspect of each and every one of us. The best thing is we all know about it, we know how to achieve it in our lives as well. We have an understanding about it but what we really lack isrepparttar 144764 will to apply it in our lives. Upon closer look balance is nothing but a life, which is honest when it comes to relationships. It means living a life that integratesrepparttar 144765 need of our body, heart, mind and soul both atrepparttar 144766 personal and public levels. It also means to have a harmony betweenrepparttar 144767 polarities that exist within us. Mind you, we cannot go away with polarities, they are bound to exist in our lives. The bad will always exist withrepparttar 144768 good,repparttar 144769 positive will always exist withrepparttar 144770 negative. However, balance makes it possible to haverepparttar 144771 existence of these polarities in such a way that we tend to benefit from them.

Above all, balance is not a static condition. Onrepparttar 144772 contrary it is a process that must be looked and re looked daily to make it a reality. And when that happens it will again gain its lost importance that made it a Cliché.

Amyn Lalji is a Creativity and Leadership Coach. He is also the author of “Bumped into the Wall – A Tool for Unblocking your Creativity and Releasing Your Creative Spirit” published in 2005. or email


Written by Bob Curtis

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Real passion does not happen over night. Real passion is not a destination. It is a journey. A journey one cannot follow, with any degree of true satisfaction, if they are onrepparttar path alone. Real passion was meant to be a shared journey. Give a simple “I Love You”. Don’t assume they know it. SAY IT. OFTEN. Now, don’t kid yourself. All relationships are a continual “work-in-progress”. There arerepparttar 144763 ups andrepparttar 144764 downs. The good times andrepparttar 144765 not-so-good. We must decide, for ourselves, that we are in this forrepparttar 144766 duration. Look for and giverepparttar 144767 “glance acrossrepparttar 144768 room” to your partner. Give them a kiss inrepparttar 144769 twilight. Take a casual walk together inrepparttar 144770 cool ofrepparttar 144771 afternoon, “just because”. Brushrepparttar 144772 fingertips of your hand across their shoulders or down their arm as you are talking to them or as you pass them by, whether in private, or public. Give them your smile; your warm, radiant, and sincere smile. These will all repay you immeasurably...and often!

Bob has been writing articles, short fiction and poetry for many years. He has compiled a booklet on interpersonal relationships entitled "Elements". Interested parties may request information on obtaining a copy at

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